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Flexible expanded polyurethanes Orsa foam: high quality for maximum comfort

Orsa foam, a leading company in the world of flexible polyurethane foam, offers a very wide range of...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 30/10/2020 Company: Orsa Foam

Flexible expanded polyurethanes Orsa foam: over 200 different types of products

Orsa foam, a leading company in the flexible polyurethane foam sector, offers over 200 different types...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 17/07/2020 Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa foam: efficiency and quality in customer care, important elements for the image of the company

Mr. Alberto Bressan, CEO of Orsa foam Group, highlights how the web has proved to be a fundamental presence...
In: Companies in the furniture and furnishing industry: strategies and future Data pubblicazione: 26/05/2020 Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa foam's Breeze HS: polyurethane foam for high levels of comfort

At interzum 2019 Orsa foam presented new products to complete the Breeze range: Breeze HS, i.e. High...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 07/10/2019 Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa Home: the quality of flexible polyurethane foam on display

The event "Orsa Home" was created to make the concept of functional comfort of design more intelligible...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 22/07/2019 Company: Orsa Foam

ORSA foam expanded polyurethanes: 200 types of products for every application and need

ORSA foam has the widest range of products in the field of flexible polyurethane foam: materials for...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 09/05/2019 Company: Orsa Foam

Breeze expanded polyurethanes by Orsa foam: research, quality and technology

Orsa foam research has led to the creation of a number of high value-added product families such as Breeze,...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 28/03/2019 Company: Orsa Foam

Moon of Orsa Foam for furnishing and bedding

Orsa foam offers a new range of MOON products perfect for furniture and bedding.
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 28/09/2017 Company: Orsa Foam

Moon by Orsa Foam: products for Furniture and Bedding

ORSA Foam presented at Interzum 2017 Moon, a new line of emotional products for Furniture and Bedding...
In: Paddings materials Data pubblicazione: 05/06/2017 Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa Foam poliurethanes foams

Orsa Foam will present at Interzum in its stand (BOOTH M020 - N021 HALL 11.2) new products developed...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 19/04/2017 Company: Orsa Foam

Acoustic Copopren of Orsa Foam div. Rebound

ORSA Foam, Division Rebound, introduces acoustic Copopren, a sound-absorbent material in plates, ideal...
In: Industry news Data pubblicazione: 27/02/2017 Company: Orsa Foam

From the technological research Orsa Foam arises Thermo Breeze

All the most innovative technologies of Orsa foam, viscoelastic technology, Thermo i-fo@m technology...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 23/09/2016 Company: Orsa Foam

ORSA FOAM: two days of meeting with its own customers

Orsa Foam, a leading company in Italy in the production of flexible polyurethane foam, organized two...
In: Industry news Data pubblicazione: 06/10/2015 Company: Orsa Foam

Orsa Foam Thermo Breeze

Orsa Foam's Thermo Breeze: a new generation of foams capable of radically changing the common concept...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 01/09/2015 Company: Orsa Foam


Double appointment at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the Triennale
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 13/05/2014 Company: Orsa Foam

BBfoam Orsa Foam

When innovation meets respect for the environment "Bio Based" foam is a new idea of flexible polyurethane...
In: Polyurethane Data pubblicazione: 20/02/2014 Company: Orsa Foam

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