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When The innovation meets the respect for the environmentBio Based foam a new idea of ??flexible polyurethane foam characterized not only by high technical characteristics and durability, but also by a content of substances of natural origin certificate. BB allutilizzatore foam provides the knowledge to be able to count on reliable materials both in performance specifications for respect for the environment. This latter aspect based on scientific studies and certificate for each product. BB foam choosing the consumer can really and personally realize the contribution that it is offering to safeguard the environment. In fact, each of the types that constitute a new family of products accompanied by a certificate from an external entity that attests to the presence of the percentage of raw materials from renewable sources. Also commissioned a study at the Polytechnic of Milan in the life cycle (Life Cycle Analysis), demonstrating that the production of polyols and plant origin used in the BBfoam results in a lower consumption of energy from fossil fuels, a lower consumption of non-renewable resources and lower emissions of greenhouse gases than the production of polyols derived from petro-chemicals. The range offers BB foam materials with high renewable content in conventional polyether types, high resilience and viscoelastic.

Orsa Foam

Via A. Colombo, 60, Gorla Minore, 21055, Varese, Italia

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