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In the articles section you can find all the information about the most innovative product technologies, such as furniture materials, furniture accessories and systems, furniture machinery, furniture hardware, manufactured by manufacturers with a solid experience in the field. In the companies section there is an overview of the manufacturers registered on our portal, divided by product category, where you can contact us for any request. Our portal also has a special catalogues section to allow professionals and operators in the sector to view in a practical way all the catalogues relating to the various products (furniture hardware, upholstery materials, furniture paints, etc.). In addition, to allow easy consultation of the products, our portal has reserved a product section, organized by categories, where you can find out about the technical characteristics, materials and functionality of each product. The video section, on the other hand, presents numerous video interviews given by professionals and manufacturers that report news, insights and informative content on the best technologies in the sector.


In addition, to keep you constantly informed you can also consult our Journal section which contains all the Furnishing Idea magazines dedicated to the furniture and furnishing industry, such as the edition dedicated to Sicam or Interzum, two of the most important trade fairs in the sector. The magazines can be consulted from the portal or easily downloadable in pdf format.


Thanks to the trust placed in us by many manufacturers, our portal is now recognized both nationally and internationally. In fact, there are already many internationally recognized and established companies in the sector, including the AIPEF group (Italian Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes Companies) which promotes scientific information on the use of flexible polyurethane foam in the sectors in which it is used.

This section, Furniture hardware, presents a vast assortment of the best technologies made by the best-known manufacturers appreciated on the market for the quality standards of their products and for the technological solutions proposed. In this area you can find the following products designed by the most important companies active in the national and international market: drawer slides, drawer systems, accessories for cabinets, office systems, furniture feet, furniture hinges, furniture springs and more.

Kitchen hardware: doors, drawers and wall units

Kitchen fittings play a crucial role in the domestic and non-domestic environment, especially with regard to drawers, wall units and all types of furniture. When it comes to kitchens, the user-friendliness of the furniture is an absolute must and is determined by the hardware. Here's what to know about the main kitchen categories

Hardware for doors

A piece of furniture without doors is a piece of furniture that cannot function, which is why their performance must be 100% guaranteed: this task is entrusted to kitchen hardware, specifically for doors where furniture hinges play a key role.

Furthermore, furniture hinges can refer to different types of door fittings: sliding door fittings, tilting door fittings, recessed door fittings, concealed door fittings, etc. 
Since kitchen furniture is subjected to all kinds of stresses on a daily basis, it is highly recommended to consider the characteristics of the sash hardware to be purchased. In particular, it is necessary to focus on high-quality products and always rely on companies that have been active in the sector for years.

Interested in obtaining more information on products in this category? Contact the manufacturer for all your needs using the contact form below.

The hardware you need to create furnishing ideas

Today's homes are becoming increasingly smaller in terms of space, which is why space-saving measures are needed. These include, for example, the drop-down or fold-away bed, which can also be made independently by purchasing suitable, specially made furniture hardware.

These products play a fundamental role in the manufacture of high-quality furniture. Specifically, they refer to all those components that are useful in furniture design and restoration and are used in any room of the house to make any type of furniture functional.

Among the many products in this category are
drawer slides, which are furniture movement systems designed to move drawers. The most common ones on the market are drawer slides, which consist of two elements fixed to the drawer that work in pairs to move the drawer. Depending on the materials and technologies used, these components have a high or low degree of fluidity of movement, which is why quality is a factor to be taken into account.

On the other hand, furniture hinges and furniture handles fall into this category. The latter are special furniture mechanisms used to regulate the opening and closing movement of doors or any part of the furniture. Nowadays, these furniture accessories are not only a useful element for the functionality of the furniture, but also play a fundamental role in making the furniture look original. In addition, given the high level of use of these accessories, the material they are made of is of primary importance in order to give the furniture a high level of resistance over time.

The most common types of hardware

Door fittings play a fundamental role in the functionality of an architectural element that is used in a house to mark the transition from one room to another and ensure the right levels of privacy: the door. In this case, quality is a must and must belong to all the components that characterise it: door knobs, door locks and door hinges.

Window fittings must also be taken into account, as they play a very important technical role in the home.  Consequently, here too, the performance characteristics of window handles, window hinges and window guides must ensure safety and comfort in use. 

Difference between decorative and functional hardware

High-quality furniture fittings are essential to keep your furniture in good condition for as long as possible. All the characteristics of durability, strength, and effective functionality depend on furniture fittings.

Take, for example, a defective and inefficient door closing system. The door will tend to slam repeatedly and with greater force on the cabinet structure, causing impacts and shocks that will damage the cabinet in no time.

It is therefore essential to choose the best hardware on the market from qualified manufacturers. 

Furniture fittings (decorative or ornamental hardware)

Furniture fittings (decorative or ornamental fittings) refer to a whole range of components and accessories for furniture that have a major aesthetic impact. They help to determine the style of furniture in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

The shapes, colours and sizes of the decorative fittings will be emphasised and will create sophisticated designs that distinguish furniture in an original way.

The category of ornamental fittings includes specific components for furniture, which are listed below: furniture handles, furniture knobs, furniture keys, furniture spouts, furniture decorations and furniture accessories.

Furniture hardware - Functional hardware

Furniture fittings in the niche of functional fittings, on the other hand, include all furniture components that are applied to the furniture for specific functional needs such as the movement of a furniture part, the movement of drawers, the opening of doors, the extension of tables, and so on.

With regard to this category, it must be stressed that, even if their peculiarity consists in guaranteeing the functionality of the assembly/mounting of the furniture, the aesthetic aspect cannot be neglected and left to chance.

The manufacturers are well aware of this, as they are constantly striving to characterise the design of these furniture accessories in order to enhance them in accordance with the increasingly demanding requirements of the market and thus of their customers.

Functional hardware includes various furniture mechanisms: furniture hinges, drawer slides, modular pull-out systems, flap mechanisms, sliding door mechanisms, furniture feet, furniture castors, furniture locks and furniture locking systems.

Watch interviews with the most successful national and international online furniture hardware manufacturers.

Kitchen hardware

When it comes to hardware, kitchen hardware becomes very important. The kitchen is a very busy place during the day and, for this reason, the design and functionality of the furniture in it must be taken into account down to the last detail.

When we talk about kitchen hardware we are referring to a whole series of kitchen mechanisms, components and elements that make up the furniture and furnishings of the kitchen environment: kitchen knobs, kitchen handles, hinges for kitchen doors, hardware for kitchen wall units and more.

For these reasons, to ensure that your kitchen lasts longer, it is advisable to rely on experts in the sector who can offer products made from quality materials. Kitchen hardware includes fittings for wall units, i.e. the components used for cabinets that hold light objects such as plates and glasses. The most functional aspect of the wall unit is the door hinges, which should be replaced with flap doors that allow for more comfortable opening and closing of the fronts.

Online furniture hardware

Our portal is specialised in providing companies, designers and architects with the best product solutions for the furniture and furnishing industry, and includes the best manufacturers.

In addition, Furnishing Idea has become the main point of reference for professionals looking for furniture hardware solutions online.   In fact, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends and innovations affecting the market on a daily basis and keep up with the latest developments.

In our portal you can also download the various catalogues of the most established companies in the sector, which you can contact for further information on products or for any other request.

In the catalogues section, which can be downloaded free of charge via a contact form, you will find all the catalogues containing all the products presented by the companies and their specific characteristics.

Hardware fairs

Also in this market segment, there are a number of trade fairs where furniture fittings manufacturers can exhibit their products and technologies. These trade fairs, some of which will also be accessible online in the future, are very important as they are only dedicated to professionals in the sector such as interior designers, furniture manufacturers, furniture craftsmen and furniture dealers.

One of the most important trade fairs in the sector is Sicam in Pordenone, where every year hundreds of Italian and foreign manufacturers exhibit their products and technologies on a number of specially created stands.

Interested parties can therefore get hands-on with the products of the hardware companies and test the various technologies, as well as how they work, and can gain a better understanding of what is on the market and customise them for various projects and requirements.

In addition to Sicam, which is held in Italy, there are a number of other important trade fairs outside Italy. One of the most important fairs in the sector is the Interzum fair in Cologne (Germany), which takes place every 2 year and where thousands of Italian and foreign manufacturers exhibit.

Tips for choosing furniture for the home

In furniture design, furniture fittings contribute significantly to the functional and aesthetic value of the furniture.

Whether you are a private individual or a company and are looking for furniture for your home, office or shop, keep the following tips in mind as they can be very useful when choosing furniture.

1. Give the architect, interior designer or furniture maker the plans of the room to be furnished and provide them with photos that fully represent the room.

2. Make an appointment for an inspection by the appointed professional. In this way he can observe all the particularities of the spaces to be furnished.

3. Inform the designer of your needs and expectations, so that he can design the project with maximum functionality, making the most of every space in your environment.

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This area gathers all the updates related to the furniture fittings sector and the news about the most important trade fairs and events in the sector. In addition, you can find the most advanced products, both in terms of design and functional performance, selected by the Furnishing Idea team and belonging to the best companies on the European scene. In detail, the companies on this page boast consolidated experience in the sector and are distinguished by their growth, development and innovation.

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