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Hardware for furniture, upholstery, kitchen, coatings and furnishing systems.

News on products, companies, technologies and fairs for the production and marketing of furniture hardware, furniture accessories and semi-finished products for furniture.

Catalogs: Furniture hardware

In this section you can consult and download the best furniture hardware catalogs. The products that fall into this category are furniture hinges, aluminum profiles, door opening systems, door closing systems, shelf supports for furniture, joints for furniture, furniture hinges, drawer runners and others.The catalogs that you can download belong to the most important manufacturers of furniture hardware.

Do you want to download the catalogs of the furniture hardware section? Simply fill in the contact form and the catalog will be downloaded to your device.

What is furniture hardware

When we talk about furniture hardware we refer to a whole series of furniture accessories that are used by architects, furniture makers, designers, carpenters for the design and composition of different types of furniture. This category of furniture components includes many furnishing elements that very often are not very visible to the eye. Among them, for example, are the drawers runners useful for assembling the furniture, which allow the movement of the entire structure of the furniture.

Furniture hinges, on the other hand, can refer to windows and doors and allow their general handling. They are therefore an accessory of fundamental importance that cannot be overlooked. Depending on the type of window, there are different types of hinges: concealed hinges, spring hinges, adjustable hinges, reversible hinges, etc. Joints for furniture also fall into the category of furniture hardware, made of different materials to support, mount or assemble shelves, doors and more. So, depending on their function we will have joints for beds, joints for wardrobes and joints for shelves.

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This section presents the updated catalogs of the best furniture hardware products. The wide range of products that you will find inside them is of absolute quality and allows you to meet any design, functionality and aesthetic need. Furthermore, all the catalogs that Furnishing Idea offers you are in digital format to allow you to download and read them whenever you want and wherever you want.

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