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Hardware for furniture, upholstery, kitchen, coatings and furnishing systems.

News on products, companies, technologies and fairs for the production and marketing of furniture hardware, furniture accessories and semi-finished products for furniture.

Catalogs: Edges for furniture and decorative papers

In this area of ​​the portal all the catalogs of edges for furniture and furniture papers. This category includes edges for abs furniture, pvc edges, aluminum edges for furniture, steel edges for furniture, adhesive films for furniture, adhesive paper for furniture, etc. The catalogs you will find here belong to the most established and renowned companies on the market and feature a wide variety of products capable of transforming any type of design intent into reality.

Do you want to download the catalogs of edges for furniture and furniture papers on this page? Click on the desired catalog and fill out the contact form.

What are furniture edging

Furniture Edges are thin strips of composite material used to cover furniture panels. The edges for furniture can be characterized by different sizes, finishes and thicknesses and must reflect the essence of the surface of the furniture.

What are furniture papers

Furniture papers are films through which it is possible to modernize and renew any piece of furniture. The peculiar function of furniture papers is to make a piece of furniture more solid and resistant and personalize it according to the decorative solutions that are most preferred.

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This page is dedicated to the catalogs of the companies that make edges for furniture and papers for furniture. Browsing through the catalogs you will find an extensive range of products, with different color variations, different sizes and finishes, which adapt to any type of furniture surface. To get in touch with the company in the catalog you downloaded CLICK HERE.

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