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Elcam proposes Solotex©: an elastic stuffing with high performances

An innovative, elastic, ventilated, flexible and soft product
Category: Paddings materials , Transformers for padding materials
Publication date: 16/06/2017
Company: Elcam Srl

Elcam: cushion technology Made in Italy

Quality and respect for the environment
Category: Transformers for padding materials
Publication date: 05/05/2017
Company: Elcam Srl

Agentrix and Esta: a dynamic reality

Polyurethanes performed without the use of CFC
Category: Transformers for padding materials
Publication date: 23/07/2013
Company: Agentrix Srl
Elcam Srl
Elcam Srl
Born in Brianza in the 70s, and says Elcam consolidates its position quickly in an increasingly demanding...

Solotex© innovative product with high performances

Solotex© is an innovative product of latest generation, an elastic padding with a special feature...

WATERPROOF ideal for outdoor

The waterproof tissue is a trademark of Elcam and it is used for the whole outdoor production. The Company...

MOON catalog by Orsa Foam

Breeze polyurethanes, for absolute relaxation by Orsa Foam

Elcam cushion technology

I-Foam Thermo the tamed energy of Orsa Foam

Gaia® by ORSA Foam

In this section you can find the new features offered by the best converters for padding materials, companies that make and transform the polyurethane foam, laminated polyurethane, wadding in polyester fibers, wadding quilted and electro for the realization of upholstered sofas, armchairs, mattresses, pillows, garden furniture, office and more. In this section you will find the best converters for cushioning materials, and you can view their products and catalogs; you will be able to directly contact with the company through the contact form.