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Winch series flap door mechanisms by Effegibrevetti: functionality and design

The series will be enriched with an innovative product offering even more comfort and efficiency
Category: Mechanisms for folding doors
Publication date: 21/06/2021
Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Mechanisms for flap doors and invisible hinges by Effegibrevetti: functionality and minimalist design

The innovative Unico flap door system and the Ankor DS and In-Side series of invisible hinges for cabinets
Category: Mechanisms for folding doors
Publication date: 25/03/2020
Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Kinvaro T-Slim by Grass: the almost invisible flap opening system for tilt and turn doors

The complex hinge mechanism is only 12 millimetres in size.
Category: Mechanisms for folding doors
Publication date: 27/12/2019

Aventos HK top by Blum: mechanism for small folding doors

A standard folding doors system that is easy to install and with simple adjustment
Category: Mechanisms for folding doors
Publication date: 17/01/2019
Company: Blum Julius Gmbh

Häfele free-swing door mechanisms: now available with e-drive

The Free family is also enriched by the new Free flap H 1.5
Category: Mechanisms for folding doors
Publication date: 29/01/2018
Company: Häfele Italia
Effegibrevetti S.r.l.
Effegibrevetti S.r.l.
Effegibrevetti is a company specialized in the Design, Engineering and Manufacture of Opening and Fitting...

In this section, the new technology will be presented of the best manufacturers of mechanisms for folding doors. These systems facilitate the opening and closing of furniture doors; they are widely used in the furniture industry, by artisans and architects for the design and manufacture of furniture for the living area, sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and more. In this section you can find the best companies of the industry and you can view the products and catalogs of manufacturers. If you want, you can contact directly the company that produces folding doors mechanisms through the contact form present in each website card.