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Ferramenta Livenza:innovative solutions in tune with current industry trends

Since 1978 Ferramenta Livenza has been designing, manufacturing and selling hardware and accessories for the furniture industry. The company has always aimed at excellence through commitment, research, innovation and the quality of workmanship, to try to simplify everyday life by making it safer, more practical and aesthetically appealing.

Among the latest solutions proposed that respond to the constant transformations of the market we find the Kiaro Easy opening system and a series of support for shelves and for glass shelves that fit perfectly into the different rooms of the house.


Kiaro Easy opening system: visible, fixed on the side

Kiaro Easy is the new flush opening system for flap doors with reduced weight and dimensions. Designed primarily for the living and living area, Kiaro Easy also lends itself well to the bathroom, bedroom and office elements.

Kiaro Easy enriches the range of Kiaro opening systems, namely Kiaro, Kiaro Led, Kiaro Fox, Kiaro Skin, Kiaro Deck, but with a substantial novelty: the mechanism is no longer hidden in the rear compartment of the cabinet, but visible fixed on the side. It is available in two predefined versions: Soft force and Strong force and allows adjustment of the angle and speed of opening the door. The thread is in Dynema, a nautical fabric that guarantees extreme hold.


Kiaro Easy: compact and refined design

Designed in line with the industry's current color and material trends, the Kiaro Easy opening system has a compact and refined design, with a rectangular shape with gently rounded corners and is available in a wide range of finishes that can also be customized. The metal parts coordinate perfectly with the various finishes of the Kimana Skin hinge while the plastic inserts match the K-Push Tech opening system for handle-less doors. Kiaro Easy is also compatible with the closed door support and with the recessed door supports for aluminum profiles from the Kiaro range.


Glass shelf support Kosmo: excellent technical and qualitative performance

Kosmo is the new glass shelf support ideal for supporting glass shelves in the bathroom area. Characterized by very small dimensions and a minimal and captivating design, Kosmo guarantees excellent technical and qualitative performance and is made entirely of plastic.

Kosmo is available in standard, transparent and customizable finishes on request.


Blitz Pro shelf support: remarkable attention to detail

Updated version of the historic Blitz shelf support by Ferramenta Livenza, Blitz Pro is characterized by a fresher and more current design, suitable for storage units in the living, sleeping and kitchen areas. With no visible screws, the Blitz Pro shelf support has been redesigned with great attention to detail, thus giving a special added value to the beauty of the furniture.

E' available in different versions: with screw hole, with socket and pre-assembled screw, with euro screw totally or partially pre-assembled, with all or partially pre-assembled screw.

Kalipso shelf support: elegance and functionality

Kalipso is the shelf support by Ferramenta Livenza for the living area, the sleeping area and for the kitchen. This particularly elegant product consists of two elements: one inserted into the top, the other fixed to the side of the cabinet.

The Kalipso shelf support is characterized by the absence of visible screws and by the refined design and is available in standard colors or customizable on request (after technical verification), both for the plastic parts and for the nickel-plated zamak .Kalipso is available in different versions: with screw hole, with preassembled EURO screw, with pin (Ø5, Ø4, Ø3), with bush and preassembled screw.

This shelf support greatly simplifies the assembly and disassembly phase of the top since it does not require any tools: the operation is completely manual both to lock and to unlock the top itself.

Kalipso guarantees total safety thanks to its anti-release properties. The supported weight is 25 kg according to the UNI: EN 16337 standard. It is a registered patent.


In the photo, Kiaro Easy, the new flush opening system for flap doors.

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