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Ferramenta Livenza: innovative excellence to simplify everyday life

Different solutions, perfect for every environment, designed for every furnishing style: the design of the Ferramenta Livenza projects becomes a highly distinctive element because beauty must start from within. Through commitment, continuous research, innovation and quality of workmanship, the company aims for excellence to simplify everyday life, making it easy, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Here we present some of the latest furniture hardware items proposed by the company, products characterized by high functionality and aesthetic beauty.


Kiaro Easy: flush opening system for flap doors

Kiaro Easy is the new flush opening system for flap doors with reduced weight and dimensions. It is available in two predefined versions, Soft force and Strong force, and allows adjustment of the angle and speed of the door opening.


Kimana Skin: the hinge for furniture with an innovative design

The Kimana Skin hinge for furniture guarantees the same technical performance as the previous Kimana, however adding an aesthetic value: the remarkable attention to detail and the harmony of the shapes make Kimana Skin a design object that increases the beauty of the entire furniture.

Mechanism, screws, machining and holes are completely hidden by the new cover, available in various heights based on the thickness of the bottom and door. The cover is customizable and can be perfectly combined with the new Kiaro Fox opening system, designed following the same stylistic line: plastic profile and metal border.


Safety Hanger: anti-tip system for storage cabinets

Safety Hanger is the new anti-tipping system for storage cabinets with or without back, such as chest of drawers, chests of drawers, wardrobes in the sleeping, living and bathroom area.
The Safety Hanger range is characterized by the total safety it gives to the cabinet: when fully installed, it guarantees the cabinet to prevent tipping even with full and open drawers.

Safety Hanger is available in the SH1 version (for storage cabinets with back), and SH7 (for storage cabinets without back), both combined with the specific plate for fixing to the wall.

Safety Hanger is compatible with most furniture configurations currently on the market. From an aesthetic point of view SH1 can only be identified thanks to the small hole cover on the back.


Libra H11: high performance

Libra H11 is the hanger for bathroom wall cabinets characterized by high performance, with the possibility of mounting even in the absence of top. Available in the right and left version, Libra H11 can also be installed on furniture already assembled. It is equipped with a patented anti-slip system.


Target Maxi: the ideal joint for application on large thicknesses

Target Maxi is the practical concealed joint that can be used in various fields of application, such as cabinets in the sleeping area, living room bookcases and kit furniture.  Target Maxi guarantees the robustness of the cabinet thanks to its high draft stroke; it is also completely pre-assembled in the panel and suitable for mounting structures in light. It is available in the M6 ​​version for application with threaded bush. The details are made of zamak, steel and thermoplastic material.

The Target Maxi range includes the J10 model and the J12 model with a through hole for adjusting the leveling foot. Target Maxi is ideal for application on large thicknesses.

In the photo above, the Kimana Skin furniture hinge.