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Smart Flow and AlphaBox of Samet

Innovation in the drawers

Samet, leading company in the accessories furnishing sector, it introduced great novelties to Interzum with the launching of three special products such as “Smart Flow“ and “Alpha Box“ for the category  Systems of Drawer and “D-Lite Lift“ for Tip-up Doors Systems.
From the unique design, with a thin and elegant side wall that connects high technology and excellent innovation, Smart Flow has been one of the two protagonists in the Systems of Drawer with Alpha Box interesting especially for the technology of guide and the extreme functionality. As for Systems of Tip-up Doors, Samet has launched D-Lite Lift, a product characterized by the elegant design and by the absence of hinge that it is set as pioneer of a new worldwide trend in the furnishing sector of the day rooms and, especially, of kitchen and bathroom.
Ufuk K.z.ltan, Vice President of the Administrative Board of Samet, he has claimed that Interzum is one of the most important international bases for the presentation of the innovations and for the evaluation of the sector situation. “Samet always holds R&S and innovation at the center of its investments. The changes in the consumers’ behavior in the last years have given important suggestions to improve the existing products and to plan new others. The successes of our products, realized joining high technology with a new conception of design and innovation, they are testified by the countless national and international prizes that every year have recognised us. Leading products of sector such as Ela, elastic coverage for hinges awarded in 2013 and MonoLift & DuoLift Systems of Tip-up Doors awarded in 2014, they were just a few among the articles that have marked our project of innovation, culminated with the presentation of Smart Flow, Alpha Box, D-Lite Lift on occasion of Interzum”.
Samet will continue its own goal of innovation through the creation of new products with a high value-added in which design and functionality will be always key elements.

SmartBox Samet

A system for drawers innovative, simple and functional
Category: Drawer runners
Publication date: 22/03/2014
Company: SAMET SRL

Samet hinge brake Impro

An elegant solution and intelligent
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date: 26/02/2014


The product, designed by Defne Koz & Marco Susani, an absolute novelty in the field, a valuable tool for personalization.
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date:
Company: SAMET SRL