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New furniture doors from Ostermann: an ever-widening range of products

Writable, magnetic and trendy: high quality and versatility at the service of creativity
Category: Doors and drawers
Publication date: 30/06/2021
Company: Ostermann Italia Srl

Plan.a handle by Scilm

Freedom to design
Category: Doors and drawers
Publication date: 26/05/2015

Innovative Plan.A Of Scilm

Freedom to design, create, innovate
Category: Doors and drawers
Publication date: 04/11/2014

Group Santarossa

Components and doors for furniture
Category: Doors and drawers
Publication date: 17/06/2014
CFN Verniciatura S.N.C.
CFN Verniciatura S.N.C.
CFN Verniciatura S.n.c. proposes itself as a partner of industrial and artisan companies that are looking...

Silk effect matt lacquered

The silk-effect matt lacquer is available on flat panels, brushed, curved or rusticated veneered, on...

Brushed metal effect

The satin-finish metal-effect painting consists of a polyacrylic cycle finish on a polyester base and...

Scratched metal effect lacquering

The scratched metal effect painting is a finish made with polyacrylic cycle on polyester base and designed...

Brushed glossy lacquered

The brushed glossy lacquer is available on flat, curved or rusticated panels, on MDF with polyurethane...

Open-pore or closed-pore matt varnish on wood essence

Closed-pore matt varnishing is made using polyacrylic-based products, while closed-pore matt varnishing...

Glossy varnishing on wood essence

The glossy varnishing on wood consists of a finish made with a polyacrylic cycle on a polyester base...

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