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Two new Ostermann catalogs: all the latest news and inspirations for furniture construction
The artisans who work in the furniture and interior design sector must always keep themselves well informed about the trends and innovations that the companies offer them. For this reason, Ostermann has decided to create two new catalogues where all its latest innovations are inserted, including, for the first time, also doors and furniture roller shutters, configurable to measure.

The rich range of products for furniture construction and interior design offered by Ostermann now counts more than 20,000 items that have been divided into two different catalogues: "Creative design" and "Edgings-Practical processing". The first catalog deals in particular with finishes and design items, the second is designed especially for the design, purchase and needs of carpentry. Within both catalogs, you can find numerous application images for the kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom and shop furniture.


Catalog "Creative Design"

The catalog entitled "Creative design" contains all those items that give the furniture a unique and individual character. In fact, it contains not only the wide selection of surfaces for furniture and walls, the lighting profiles for LED strips, LED strips and accessories, but also the whole wide variety of classic handles and built-in handles proposed by Ostermann. In the last chapter "Function and Equipment", you will also find the structures for tables, wheels and the well-known “Smartcube” shelving system.


Doors and roller shutters for custom furniture

For the first time, the catalog includes doors and roller shutters for furniture, which can be configured custom made. In the chapter dedicated to "Custom made" within the catalog "Creative design", you will notice the huge variety available.  For the doors you can choose many different finishes and qualities: lacquered, Senosan, aluminum, veneered, linoleum or melamine.  Equally wide is the offer of shutters with roller shutters systems in plastic, aluminum, glass and real wood, equipped with various mechanisms and sliding lines.


Catalog "Practical processing"

The second catalogue, entitled "Practical processing", contains the wide range of furniture edges made from a multitude of different materials. Artisans can find edges in any solid color and decor that is currently on trend. The sections "Carpentry & Glues" and "Construction" follow. To complete it all, there are finally the products necessary for the assembly and finishing of the finished product: adhesives, detergents, materials for packaging and transport and much more. The last chapter of the catalog also deserves attention: in the wide choice of items for furniture construction, including technical profiles, jointing systems and systems for adjustable feet, you will certainly find the right solution for every new project.

Both catalogs were sent by Ostermann in mid-April; anyone wishing to receive one or more copies can request them through the Ostermann homepage. All catalogs are also available in digital version in the download area on the website

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