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New furniture doors from Ostermann: an ever-widening range of products

The wide range of Ostermann furniture doors has been extended with some interesting new products: the Senosan doors, which are also available with write-on and magnetic surfaces, and the elegant veneered furniture door “Rovere antico Mooreiche“.


Writable and magnetic furniture doors: for small notes, drawings and messages


Available in high gloss white and super matte black, the new Senosan doors are writable and magnetic and thus offer extraordinary application possibilities for interior design, both in private and commercial areas. The already popular Senosan high-gloss finish “Icy White“ is now also available in a new magnetic version. You can write and draw on it with all common whiteboard markers: it will be easy to mark the shopping list, simple messages or the menu of the day.  In the design of office furniture, the use of these doors for large areas of furniture can be used as whiteboards, replacing the bulky mobile boards. The “TopMatt Black“ finish, used as a magnetic chalkboard, is ideal for those who prefer dark surfaces and like to write with traditional chalk.


Veneer door Mooreiche: trendy and high quality


The new veneered furniture door “Rovere antico Mooreiche“ is inspired by dark colors, which have become very trendy lately. The material, antique oak, is also back in vogue thanks to its sustainability and high-quality aesthetics. High-quality black oak combines the elegance of a real wood surface with the modern look of a trendy color.


A wide range of doors for custom-made furniture


In addition to these innovations Ostermann offers joiners numerous other bespoke furniture elements with a wide range of different finishes. This includes furniture doors with aluminum, mirror, lacquered, 3D, Fenix, Linoleum, PET and HPL finishes. They are all made from a variety of substrate materials and panel thicknesses. Furniture doors can be selected and ordered online using the Ostermann configurator, starting with a single piece. Delivery takes place after a short production time.

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