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In this area are exhibited the best products of movement systems for furniture designed by the most established companies in the industry. Specifically you can find many types of products such as gas springs, linear actuators, drawer slides, folding door systems, sliding door systems, lifting columns, etc.. To request information on the movement systems for furniture in this section you can contact the manufacturer by filling out the contact form or using the contact details available.

Insights on movement systems for furniture

Furniture movement systems are furniture components for the furniture and furniture industry.
Vertical sliding systems are mechanisms designed for doors and cabinets in order to optimize the interior spaces of homes. Specifically, these mechanisms make it possible to move the door or door with a single touch in a vertical direction to open or close it. Moreover, this solution is also very appreciated from an aesthetic point of view as it involves the invisibility of the support together with the minimum space required. Additional movement systems for furniture are the drawer guides, or specific mechanisms that allow the drawer to be moved.
They are composed of 2 elements placed on the drawer sides, which work in pairs and can be with castors or bearings.  Among the movement systems for furniture there are also gas springs, which are specific adjustment components consisting of a pressure tube, a piston rod and different connections according to the different applications. Their use is widespread in all those cases where it is necessary to obtain a thrust proportionate to the weight to be lifted or to counterbalance the lifting of mobile and heavy equipment.

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Peko 4300 by Omge: a sliding kitchen top guide with invisible mechanics

A versatile, customizable and easy to install mechanism
Category: Movement systems for forniture
Publication date: 08/10/2019
Company: OMGE SPA

Highlight on gas spring LIFT-O-MAT PTL

by Stabilus
Category: Movement systems for forniture
Publication date: 04/12/2012
Hettich Italia
Hettich Italia
Hettich is an international company with 80 locations worldwide, family-owned since 1888, specialising...
All products bearing the Omge brand are the result of constant research that meets the most demanding...

AvanTech You - Hettich drawer system

Technology and Applications News 2020 - Hettich

In this section you can follow the daily updates related to the furniture movement systems sector and all the projects carried out by the most renowned professionals, designers and technicians in the sector.  In addition, you can view all the best technological solutions designed by manufacturers, recognized as important reference points in the sector and able to meet the highest expectations on the market.

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