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Peko 4300 by Omge: a sliding kitchen top guide with invisible mechanics

Omge SpA, market leader in the production of sliding solutions on ball and wheel, is present again this year at Sicam in Pordenone where it offers its customers numerous new solutions designed to make the most of every single corner of the home or office.
Among these, Peko 4300 certainly stands out, the latest product made by Omge within the context of “Space without limits“: ease of assembly, customization and flexibility of use are the main features that distinguish it.


Peko 4300: a maximum load capacity of 120 kg

Peko 4300 is a sliding kitchen top guide with completely invisible mechanics and easy installation. The mechanism consists of a pair of guides that allow the longitudinal, transversal or diagonal sliding of tops and kitchen tops.
Equipped with a lock both in closing and in opening, the system, completely invisible, has a reduced space of only 3 mm between the sliding surface and the supporting surface.
Peko 4300 has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg which allows the handling of heavy tops also made of special materials such as marble, granite, ceramic, glass or Corian®, which are increasingly used in the furnishing of the kitchen.
Peko 4300 is produced in three different lengths and in two versions: the standard version, for use with tops or surfaces whose maximum length does not exceed 180 cm, and the optional version, with an additional mechanism to be fixed in an intermediate position for use with tops or surfaces longer than 180 cm. This additional mechanism is necessary to support the system and to guarantee maximum functionality and smoothness of the top even in the case of large dimensions. Supplied in a pre-assembled kit, the Peko 4300 is extremely easy to install.
Moreover, ease of installation, versatility and possibility of customization are the characteristics that will accompany all Omge products in the future, according to the new concepts introduced by the company in the internal processes of product development.

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Via Nazionale, 1, Vertemate con Minoprio, 22070, Como, Italia


Via Nazionale, 1, 22070, Vertemate con Minoprio (Como), Italia

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