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The new hinge with integrated damping adjustableFerrari produces since 1947 hinges and furniture accessories. The long experience in this field has allowed the development of modern products and high-tech, all covered by international patents. And 'the case of the new hinge with integrated damping adjustable, presented recently at the Sicam of Pordenone. This project uses a patented hydraulic shock absorber, hidden in the wing hinge, allows a smooth and quiet closing of the doors. Thanks to the intervention of the shock adjustment, easily accessible on the hinge, may be depreciated qualasiasi type of door. Pilot Line the new straight-line basis which is characterized by a sophisticated and lingombro reduced, once assembled the hinge in fact the base remains completely hidden under it. Acting sullapposita cam adjustment, also accessible hinge mounted, you get the vertical displacement and parallel dellanta of + /-2mm. The system ensures that at each point of adjustment made maximum hold without breaking down the doors. At each point of adjustment and base hinge remain on the same axis. Ferrari Hinges are available in various finishes to meet the most demanding needs of the furniture and follow the most modern design trends. The finish, increased, for example, specific for the usage in environments where high criticality required a superior corrosion resistance and guaranteed over time without sacrificing valuable unestetica. The antique brass finish instead been developed according to the most modern trends in the industry in order to integrate even more so the hinge in furniture or matt lacquered wood finishes darker greatly improving the overall aesthetic appearance.

From Hettich the K05 multi-joint hinge with integrated shock absorber

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SICAM 2013

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