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Mechanisms for flap doors and invisible hinges by Effegibrevetti: functionality and minimalist design

Effegibrevetti, Italian company leader in the design and development of cutting-edge technological products, has always focused its research towards solutions characterized by functionality and design.
To respond to modern aesthetic taste increasingly devoted to minimalism and essentiality,
the company reinvents the concept of space, lines and invisibility by offering furniture manufacturers the innovative Unico flap door mechanism and the Ankor DS and In-Side series of invisible hinges for furniture.


Unico flap door mechanism: a solution for all requirements

The Unico flap door mechanism, which incorporates the functionality of a drop-down opening, the aesthetics of an invisible hinge and the minimalist design that meets new market trends. Unico is in fact a drop-down mechanism with integrated hinge, has a thickness of only 12 mm (13.5 mm with external cover) and is available in four configurations: external mounting with cover, flush mounting with cover and flush mounting with ambigence technology.
It is precisely the possibility of using the product in multiple configurations that makes Effegibrevetti's Unico flap mechanism the perfect solution for all needs.

Ankor DS and In-Side invisible hinges: high performance

The Ankor DS invisible hinges, born in 1995 from an idea of Effegibrevetti, and In-Side have recently been further improved and developed thanks to the best technological solutions available on the market. These innovative lines of hinges therefore offer unique performance at the highest levels of quality and design.
Ankor DS-30 is the innovative concealed hinge for hinged doors, designed to support doors weighing up to 30 kg, which can be used on wooden and frame doors. Equipped with a soft closing system that guarantees soft closing, Ankor DS-30 can be used with doors from 20 to 40 millimetres thick. The hinge offers a door opening degree of 100 degrees and it is possible to adjust the door position in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical and front.
In-Side, on the other hand, is an invisible hinge for flap doors designed to be mounted either recessed or placed inside the compartment, on the side of the cabinet with screws. Designed for doors from 18 to 40 mm thick, the hinges allow the door to be adjusted in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical and front.