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Häfele in Milan Design Week 2017

Häfele leaves its distinctive mark in the Milan Design Week of this year thanks to the partnership with the architect Simone Micheli. Two  events planned: “Heart's Serviced Apartments“, 4 models of apartments for 4 different typologies of users and “(3S) X THd = three suites for Townhouse Duomo“, a virtual show of the real suites which will be realized for the prestigious Townhouse Duomo.
In via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9, near Lambrate, the architect Simone Micheli creates a concrete simulation of new sceneries preparing the permanent show “4 serviced apartments for 4 original people“: 4 models of apartments (Art, Business, Mountain, Sea) aimed to 4 different typologies of consumers and furnished for modulating again according to the different demands of the users. Thanks to a multifunctional furnishing, composed by systemic,  simple and intuitive solutions of product, able to offer every time the  most suitable answer to the different problems of the single user, the apartments  come to life and they are turned into dynamic and convivial containers.
Understanding and accepting the challenges and the modern trends has always been part of Häfele's philosophy.
After the experience of the “Functionality Cube“, the multifunctional concept of furnishing for interiors realized in collaboration with the Werner Aisslingers Studio and the award-winning project “Youth Lab“, the room of the hostel of the future, Häfele responds to the challenge set by Micheli with his very functional products: mechanisms for tip-up shutters, electronic systems of control of the accesses, solutions for LED illumination, multiple sockets, flowing mechanisms for shutters; these are only some examples of the systems that the visitors can see, experimenting live the concrete declination of the German multinational slogan “More life for square meter.“
The second event, “(3S) X Thd“, will be virtual, introduced by Simone Micheli Studio Gallery in Milan through a series of installations and a virtual tour able to attract and to conduct the visitor inside the concept. The project of the (3S) Xs THd, 3 suites with bathroom characterized by a refined impact furnishing,  realized by Simone Micheli for the prestigious mark TownHouse Hotels in the suggestive location of the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II. Häfele will be also present in this project with his high functional products: electronic systems for controlling accesses, solutions for LED illumination, multiple sockets, accessories for bath furnishing and invisible audio systems  for regulating Bluetooth; these are only some examples of the systems that  visitors can appreciate in the virtual tour.


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