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From Effegibrevetti the Ankor DS line of concealed hinges and the Unico folding door mechanism

Effegibrevetti, a leading company in the design, development and production of opening systems for the furniture industry, participated again this year in Sicam recording excellent feedback from operators visiting the event in Pordenone.
Constantly looking for new mechanical and aesthetic solutions to offer ever greater comfort, safety and efficiency, Effegibrevetti proposed two interesting new features to Sicam: the new line of concealed hinges Ankor DS and the mechanism for flap doors Unico.

The Ankor DS line of concealed hinges

The Ankor DS line features two concealed hinge models to meet new market trends. Fully integrated into the frame and door, the Ankor DS hinges offer maximum freedom of space inside the cabinet.
Ankor DS-30 is the innovative recessed hinge for hinged doors, designed to support doors weighing up to 30 kg, which can be used on wooden and framed doors. Equipped with a soft closing system that ensures a softly cushioned closing, Ankor DS-30 can be used with doors ranging in thickness from 20 to 40 mm. The hinge offers a degree of door opening of 100 degrees and it is possible to adjust the position of the door in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical and frontal.

The new mechanism for flap doors Unico

Unico is a new mechanism for tilting sashes, with soft opening and closing, able to guarantee the opening and movement of sashes up to 14 kg, without the use of additional systems or hinges. Its reduced thickness makes it suitable for recessed or concealed applications inside the side, guaranteeing a unique aesthetic and offering the greatest available space inside the compartment.