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Furniture hinges Tiomos M Series by Grass

The Austro-German Grass Group, after the success of the Tiomos M9 and Tiomos Mirro furniture hinged system, which provide extraordinary high-tech functionality to special door applications, has expanded the line with the Tiomos M0 hinge.
Tiomos M0 has been developed for thin door applications of 6 millimetres and above, and is designed especially for medium- to high-density materials such as laminates, minerals (e.g. Corian), acrylic or aluminium.

One system – three new door applications

This premium comfort from GRASS, which has become so essential to high-quality furniture design, is a feature of all three versions: Tiomos Mirro, Tiomos M9 and the new Tiomos M0. Product developer Tarek Utturkar comments: “With the three front connections we have achieved three genuine milestones for special design solutions in the Tiomos family. Tiomos was developed in response to the greatest challenges in contemporary bathroom and living spaces.“
With Tiomos Mirro for glass and mirror doors GRASS has created an elegant solution with the front connection for high-quality glass and mirror doors. The hinge system is attached with an eccentric screw to a self-adhesive adapter on the door and provides permanent and firm stability for fragile materials – without any need to drill the glass. Tiomos Mirro can also be fastened to existing self-adhesive adapters from the Nexis range.  
In addition to the mature fastening technology that has a light, floating look on transparent glass surfaces, Tiomos Mirro now also enables the use of track-proven, fully integrated Soft-close damping for the finest glass and mirror doors. The entire damping technology is concealed inside the hinge. The design of the hinge remains identical – irrespective of whether Soft-close damping is incorporated. A clear statement for uncompromising furniture design and a unique option that underlines the transparent character of the furniture while respecting the characteristics of the chosen material.
Tiomos M9 also combines sensibility and strength. Designed especially for very slim furniture doors as well as for rebated doors and four-sided mitred applications, Tiomos M9 has an extremely shallow cup depth of just 9 millimetres. Even with a front thickness of only 12 millimetres, the unique hinge system remains durable, firm and stable in all positions.
Tiomos M0 moves thin materials such as laminates, minerals (e.g. Corian), acrylic or aluminium smoothly and with ease. This new member of the family is simply screwed on without a cup hole and is therefore ideal for materials with a thickness of 6 mm to 10 mm. The tool-free damper adjustment ensures a smooth closing movement irrespective of the door size and weight. This perfect motion guarantees permanent stability in all positions.