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Kimana Skin hinge by Ferramenta Livenza: functionality, design and customization
Ferramenta Livenza, a company that designs and produces hardware and accessories for the furniture industry, is also present this year in Sicam (Hall 5 Stand A34 / B37) where it offers functional and aesthetic solutions characterized by quality, innovation and design.

The payoff "With you every day" that accompanies the logo, testifies how through commitment, research, innovation and the quality of workmanship, Ferramenta Livenza has always focused on excellence to try to simplify everyday life by making it safer, functional and aesthetically appealing.

Visitors will be able to see numerous company innovations at the stand such as the Kimana Skin furniture hinge, the new Rekord Tech leveling foot, the Kraby desk with rods and a series of shelf and glass supports that fit perfectly into the different rooms of the house.


Kimana Skin: the hinge with customizable finish and hidden fastening

Kimana Skin (pictured) is the new elegant hinge for opening and closing the flap and lift doors that is well suited to the elements of the living and sleeping area, the kitchen and the bathroom.

Kimana Skin guarantees the same technical and qualitative performance of the previous Kimana R1 hinge, but adding a substantial aesthetic value: the remarkable attention to detail and the harmony of the shapes make Kimana Skin not only a highly functional hinge, but also a design object. which enhances the beauty of the whole piece of furniture.

Mechanism, screws, machining and holes are in fact completely hidden by the new cover, available in various heights based on the thickness of the bottom and door. The cover can be customized on request and the infinite range of finishes that can be created makes Kimana Skin the ideal hinge both in the home and in the professional environment. It can also be perfectly combined with the entire family of Ferramenta Livenza products, with particular attention to the new Kiaro Fox and Kiaro Skin opening systems and the Kalipso shelf support, designed following the same stylistic line: plastic profile and metal border.

Kimana Skin is used on a wide range of thicknesses of the door, bottom and top of the cabinet, ensuring optimal operation and alignment of the door itself.

New this year is the Kimana Skin Plus furniture hinge that allows use on a door thickness of 25 mm.

Kimana Skin and Kimana Skin Plus hinges for furniture can be mounted on wooden door and aluminum frame, in inter-wall furniture even when they rest on a surface and are suitable for modular elements and for furniture with shoulder construction.

New Rekord Tech leveling foot

Rekord Tech is the new leveling foot suitable for wardrobes, partition walls and modular furniture. It is adjustable with a hex key inside the cabinet through a hole made in the side. The excellent distribution of loads on the furniture and on the floor is guaranteed by the large support surface.


Kraby writing desk with rods: a space-saving solution

The pandemic and the lockdown period made it necessary to reorganize the spaces to be able to work directly from home. Ferramenta Livenza responds to this need with the Kraby desk with rods, a compact and versatile piece of furniture that can fit into any corner of our homes. The modern retractable desk represents a very useful space-saving solution for changing environments, combining design and functionality. The rods of the Kraby desk, characterized by an elegant design, allow the cushioned opening of the support door, guaranteeing stability and resistance.

Kosmo support: ideal for the bathroom area

Kosmo is the new glass support ideal for supporting glass shelves in the bathroom area. Made entirely of plastic, it is characterized by very small dimensions and a minimal and captivating design; guarantees excellent technical and qualitative performance. Kosmo is available in standard and transparent finishes, but can also be customized on request.


Blitz Pro and Pk2 Pro shelf supports: new design

Blitz Pro and Pk2 Pro are the updated versions of the historic Blitz and Pk2 shelf supports. Characterized by a fresher and more current design, the Blitz Pro and Pk2 Pro shelf supports are suitable for storage units in the living area, bedroom and kitchen. With no visible screws, from an aesthetic point of view, Blitz Pro and Pk2 Pro have been redesigned paying particular attention to the details so as to bring a special added value to the beauty of the furniture.