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Products: Kitchen

This section of the portal collects the latest technologies and products that fall into the category of kitchen furniture components, kitchen furniture accessories and built-in kitchen appliances. Specifically, different types of products fall into this macro-category: kitchen furniture accessories, built-in refrigerators, mixers for kitchen sinks, kitchen tops, hobs for kitchens and much more. All the solutions you find in this area are made by the most established companies in the industry, both nationally and internationally, and are characterized by advanced production lines that meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction and customization, thanks to the use of advanced machinery that automate any production process. If you need an innovative and technologically superior solution for your furniture projects, consult this area and contact the companies to request information by filling out the contact form on each page of the product you are interested in.

Details about components for kitchen furniture, complements for kitchen furniture and built-in kitchen appliances.

Everything that is present in the kitchen environment and allows its functioning falls into the category of components for kitchen furniture, complements for kitchen furniture and built-in appliances for the kitchen. When deciding to purchase these types of kitchen products, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials, functionality and design of the products that will characterize your furniture project. There are some components for kitchen furniture that take a really central role in the environment and these are: built-in refrigerators, kitchen hoods and hobs.

Built-in refrigerators are devices that can be integrated with kitchen furniture and are often used for aesthetic and space-saving reasons. In fact, in a context in which you need to hide the refrigerator from view, it is possible to build it into the cabinet by choosing from the different types available on the market: built-in under-counter refrigerator, single door built-in refrigerator, double door built-in refrigerator, combined built-in refrigerator. Secondly, it is the hobs that play a central role in the kitchen environment. Why? Hobs are very important appliances for the kitchen and it is possible to choose different technologies that differ in the type of operation, such as electric hobs, gas hobs, induction hobs... In addition to the functional aspect, it is also important to focus on the surfaces of the hobs that allow us to classify the product in other names: stainless steel hobs, fragranite hobs, glass ceramic hobs and others.

Kitchen hoods also deserve further consideration. This type of appliance for the kitchen requires a careful evaluation that must be based on dimensions, technical characteristics, suction power, speed, type of filtering and silence. These, ultimately, are the main aspects to dwell on and that denote the quality of the product. 

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Folding legs for combination with telescopic runners of the series “Modula“ for the construction...


Self-supporting slide for pull-out tables made in standard length mm 470 featuring extension mm 900. The...

PEKO 4300

Mechanism equipped with a closing and opening block that allows the sliding of kitchen tops and shelves. The...

This area of the portal is dedicated to kitchen cabinet components, kitchen cabinet complements and built-in kitchen appliances and contains an extensive range of products that can be applied to the kitchen environment furnishings. Specifically, you will be able to stay updated on the latest technologies launched by the most established manufacturers on the national and international market and learn about the characteristics and different applications. All the proposed solutions can be useful to the customization of your furniture projects, as they meet a wide range of functional, aesthetic and design needs. To request information from the manufacturer simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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