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Moon of Orsa Foam for furnishing and bedding

Italian excellence in the furniture industry is the result of the perfect harmony between innovative design and high quality materials. The ideal balance among lift, elasticity and air permeability are keys for a comfortable and durable product.
Orsa foam is a leading provider of flexible polyurethane foams, it constantly searches the utmost quality, through the continuous innovation of technologies and products, thus achieving the best performance in the comfort sector.

The new product range by MOON


The new range of MOON products is a good example; it is an innovation in terms of aesthetics and in contrast to the normal foams used in mattress and in furniture sector. The particular cellular structure and exceptional elasticity give an extreme  of comfort.
Orsa foam worked on three major characteristics required by a bed or a couch: lift, elasticity and comfort by getting good results.  
Moon is a complete range of flexible polyurethane foams because there is the possibility of choose between soft foam and carrier foam in 32 kg/m ³ and in 40 kg/m ³ to modulate at best the support according to needs and, in addition, a viscoelastic foam.
The other key feature not to be missed, especially for adequate rest, is the excellent breathability.
Moon is a range of specific products that offer high performance for the best comfort.

Orsa Foam

Via A. Colombo, 60, Gorla Minore, 21055, Varese, Italia

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