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Acoustic Copopren of Orsa Foam div. Rebound

Domestic noises, traffic noises, noises produced by the general lifestyle.
Today the acoustic pollution is one of the most important problems to face.
ORSA Foam, Division Rebound, leader in the applications of agglomeration of expanded flexible, reaches excellent performance in the sector of comfort, maintaining an high attention to the environment, with an ample range of specific products and innovative solutions for the acoustic isolation of the housing environment.
Today the ample range of the company widens with a new product: acoustic Copopren.
They are plates of 2x1m of sound-absorbent material, easy to apply and able to demolish the noise up to 60% of the perception, reported to aerial noise.
The plates can be applied on walls, roofs and floors.
These sound-absorbent panels in polyurethane agglomeration are able to guarantee the best performances in every situation as for instance proximity to cafes,  restaurants, discos, concert halls, noisy factories, air-conditioned systems etc.

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Orsa Foam

Via A. Colombo, 60, Gorla Minore, 21055, Varese, Italia

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Orsa Foam

Via A. Colombo, 60, 21055, Gorla Minore (Varese), Italia


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