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Circular economy: the contribution of ORSA foam thanks to polyurethane agglomerates
The circular economy is an economic system capable of regenerating itself, minimizing waste and enhancing reuse, recycling and in general the sustainability and reintroduction of resources into the economy.

According to the principles underlying this system, once the product has finished its function, the materials of which it is composed are reintroduced, where possible, into the economic cycle so that they can be reused within the production cycle, generating additional value.

Polyurethane agglomerates: two product lines

ORSA foam, through its Rebound division, is dealing with this aspect that in recent years is becoming increasingly important. rilevante.

In the past, production waste was ground, then recovered, to obtain a new product, the so-called polyurethane agglomerate, named “H”.

This line of products is now joined by the "R" agglomerates, derived from a percentage of polyurethane foam obtained from the granulation and sanitization of old mattresses.

Environmental product certification

To give an added value to this range of products and to be able to access the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria), ORSA foam has obtained the environmental product certification "PSV - Second Life Plastic" which promotes the materials and artifacts obtained precisely from the valorisation of waste coming from separate collection (R) and from materials obtained by industrial waste (H).

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