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ABS edges by Ostermann

In the production of furniture, ABS edges for furniture (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) have been used for more than 20 years. ABS has been replacing PVC for many years as a material for the edging of melamine panels. Thanks to their flexibility, the edge of the chipboard panel is also obtained in an optimal way. ABS is a material that gives countless advantages: it is easy to work with, offers infinite possibilities of use, maintains a homogeneous color even on the radii of the milled edges and is well resistant to chemical agents and cleaning products.
The ABS edges are available in many colors and decorations, with different finishes in various widths and thicknesses. Depending on the need and use, Ostermann supplies ABS edges in different thicknesses and in any desired width up to 100 mm. The range of edges with painted surface offers a great variety of gloss grades: from super matt to extra high gloss. Also considering that an edge nowadays must give a correspondence not only visual, but also tactile, Ostermann offers ABS edges with various finishes, such as ash pore, minipearl, line structure or wood structure. The so-called "decorative gloss" finish is then produced through a very special process: a special process with two different layers of lacquering with different degrees of gloss gives the wood pores and the incisions placed on the deepest layer more shine than the upper layer of the edge. Thanks to this contrast, the structure appears much more marked and natural both from a tactile and optical point of view.
Thanks to their flexibility and impact resistance, the ABS edges represent a high quality solution to finish the panel and at the same time economical. This also applies to its disposal. The formaldehyde-free ABS can be incinerated at a dedicated plant in accordance with waste disposal regulations and laws along with wood waste.
The edges for furniture in ABS can be processed using all the most commonly used edge banding machines and technologies. All hot melt glues available on the market can be used for gluing. For optimum adhesion of the glue to the edge, Ostermann ABS edges are always primed. Craftsmen who do not have an edge banding machine can take advantage of a particular service: the Ostermann edge specialist delivers in this case edges already pre-glued with EVA thermoplastic adhesive.
The ABS edges can generally be painted with various polyurethane (PUR) or Desmodur / Desmophen (DD) paints.
As in laser and hot air technology, only edges with a specific functional layer can be used in Near Infrared Radiation / Infratec (NIR) technology. Also in this case the ABS edges are particularly suitable. Ostermann ABS edges have the advantage that they can be subsequently coated with the specific functional layer depending on the technology. Ostermann's specific Laser, Airtec and Infratec ABS edges are supplied in all solid colors and decorations, in any width up to 60 mm. They are prepared from 1 roll, ready in just 4 working days.

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