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Raukantex furniture edgings from Rehau:continuing to innovate the furniture industry for 50 years

The Raukantex furniture edging from Rehau, a specialist supplier of components for the furniture industry, is 50 years old and continues to grow with innovation, new sustainable product lines, quality optimisation and special projects.
Produced half a century ago and registered as a brand in 1970, the first Raukantex thermoplastic edgings have evolved over time to become an international best-seller.  Over the years, the company has always been able to anticipate and adapt its offerings to the needs of the market, such as when, after the war, due to the widespread use of chipboard instead of solid wood, a new invention was needed to cover the cut parts: the furniture edging.
Raukantex furniture edgings have now reached a high level of aesthetic and functional quality thanks to the use of the invisible joint technology applied to the Raukantex pro laser edge.


Raukantex furniture edging lines: innovation and sustainability

50 years later, the company is still focusing on innovation: from PVC to ABS, to the processing of environmentally friendly polypropylenes and alternative materials. The new sustainable lines of Raukantex eco and Raukantex evo edgings are in fact the expression of Rehau's attention to the environment, which is reflected in the increased percentage of recycled materials and post-industrial waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions during production.
The innovative approach is also reflected in the continuous refinement of quality. A good example of this is the special applications, including self-extinguishing edgebanding solutions, Raukantex health.protect antibacterial edging and door edging, as well as the 3 to 12 point gloss level of Raukantex scratch.protect edging, which combines a matt, reflection-free appearance with maximum scratch and fingerprint resistance.


Rehau: efficient and smart service

The services offered by the company to its customers have followed the same path of product evolution: in addition to a practical online search tool for matching edgings and panels, Rehau is increasingly moving towards the smart industry, making available the #edgeisdigital service, which promotes the digitalisation and faster processing of edging materials, reducing the error rate to a minimum.

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