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Ostermann PU Redocol hotmelt glues for high-quality products at favourable prices

Ostermann's own brand PU Redocol hot melt glues are polyurethane-based hot melt glues. They are characterised by their high temperature resistance, good cold flexibility and high moisture resistance. These PU Hot melt glues are increasingly in demand and in order to meet this growing demand Ostermann has decided to further expand its product range with three new products, especially adapted to the different gluing systems of edgebanders. Ostermann supplies PU Redocol polyurethane glues in cartridges or granulate form.


PU Redocol hot melt glue Kantomelt PUR in white granulate

For edge banding machines which process hot melt glue in granulate form Ostermann offers PU Redocol Kantomelt PUR hot melt glue not only in the colour “natural“ but now also in the colour “white“. This provides technicians with the ideal solution for processing both white and light coloured panels. The hot melt glue is available in 1 kg or 12 x 1 kg packs.


Redocol Kantomelt PUR hot melt glue in 2 kg block form

Another new product from Ostermann is Redocol Kantomelt PUR hot melt glue in 2-kg block form for edgebanding machines with pre-melting unit. Here too the glue is available in 2 colours (natural and white) and is supplied in individual 2 kg packs or optionally in 8 x 2 kg packs.


PU Redocol Kantomelt HP PUR hotmelt glue

Finally, the third new product is intended for companies working with a Holz-Her edgebander: it is PU Redocol Kantomelt HP PUR hotmelt glue as a Holz-Her cartridge, a synthetic adhesive resin based on polyurethane with good processing properties precisely by Holz-Her edgebanding machines. The glue, which has very good melting and flow characteristics and is easy to process, is available in the colours natural and white, in single packs or six-packs.


Matching Redocol cleaners

In combination with these new products Ostermann also offers the matching Redocol cleaner.
The product, which is blue in colour for better recognisability, is available in many different pack sizes such as 0.2 kg, 1 kg, 1.2 kg, 2.5 kg and 8 x 1 kg.


The advantages of PU hot melt glues

There are many advantages to using PU hot melt glues for edge processing. They guarantee very high adhesion strength, low consumption and increased resistance of the final joint to water, heat and chemicals. With the right setting of the edgebanding machine, PU hotmelt glues achieve the much sought-after “zero joint“.

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