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Ostermann veneer edges: for a perfect real wood look

Veneered edges are the best solution for those who love real wood surfaces: on the one hand, they allow the construction of furniture with a particularly valuable appearance thanks to their naturalness, on the other hand they contribute to the preservation of precious resources.


The widest range of veneered edges

Ostermann offers carpenters and furniture manufacturers the widest range of veneered edgings in Europe, a choice of over 60 different types of wood in widths of up to 55 mm, available for immediate delivery. The edgings are available in various thicknesses: from 0.5 mm (single layer) to 3 mm (6 layers).  To make processing easier, they are always equipped with primer on the back.
At the customer's request, the veneered edges are also pre-glued with a layer of hot-melt glue.  For furniture with a particularly realistic and high-quality appearance, Ostermann's experts recommend the combination of two special veneered edges on one panel.


European oak veneer edging and European oak head wood

Solid wood panels have a different grain on the long sides than on the short sides. This same effect can also be recreated using the veneered edges. To achieve this, the Ostermann experts have two very special edges: the European oak veneered edge and the matching edge in European oak wood. By using the European oak veneer edge in the direction of the length of the decor and the matching edge in European oak wood on the short side of the panel, you will achieve a perfect result that is practically indistinguishable from a high-quality solid wood cabinet.


Other veneered edges for special effects

In addition to the veneered edges in classic woods, Ostermann also offers many more special woods, such as “saccharum maple“ or “Siberian larch“. The range also offers numerous modern interpretations of the material. Worthy of note is the “smoothed stonewashed oak“ veneered edge. This edge, characterised by the so-called “Stonewashed“ effect, perfectly combines the traditionality of wood with the modern “used look“, which gives the wood a lived-in effect. Also worth mentioning are the veneered edges in oak wood with split, woodworm, corrugated and sawn effect. These have a three-dimensional surface and are therefore surprisingly realistic not only visually but also to the touch. A good example of this is the veneered edge “dark smoked oak wood with sawn effect“.


Edges delivered in 24 hours

In addition to the wide range of veneered edgings, Ostermann offers numerous edgings in ABS, melamine, acrylic, aluminium and real wood. The edgings are combined with the collections of over 70 different panel manufacturers throughout Europe.  They are available from stock: ordered before 4 p.m., they are shipped the same day.

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