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New Stefani x industrial edgebander from SCM: for a digital, connected and integrated factory
In order to fully respond to the latest trends in furniture and design in terms of flexible production and Industry 4.0, SCM presents another technological innovation: the new Stefani x industrial edgebanding machine.
"The technological innovation and know-how acquired by SCM in the edgebanding sector over the past seventy years - underlines SCM's Business Manager for Edgebanding, Fabio Cernoia - have been further developed with this new edgebander to accompany and support furniture and design companies in optimizing their production processes".


High quality standards even on the most delicate materials

Highly configurable and customisable, the new Stefani x industrial edgebanding machine has been designed to work reliably over several shifts and to offer excellent processing quality, both in the stand-alone version and in integrated cells or lines.
All its features meet the most demanding requirements of the sector: from the machine structure to the digital and electronic control systems, from the operating units with servo-assisted movement to the new generation gluing devices for an even faster and more efficient glue changeover.
Stefani x also offers another important advantage: thanks to SCM's new electronic touch systems, the new industrial edgebander makes it possible to continuously and easily obtain high quality standards even on the most delicate and latest-generation materials.
Moreover, in response to the increasingly widespread need for flexible, connected and integrated production, Stefani x is equipped with an exclusive digital control system that allows it to operate in perfect synergy with the other technologies and MES information and management systems present in the factory.


High productivity and flexibility

SCM's new industrial edgebander can process panels at a speed of up to 30 m/min. for several daily work shifts, thanks to high-end units and a new, extremely rigid mechanical structure. It also has new dynamic units that can be customized to further increase its performance and add additional high-end functions on request. Flexibility in the glue changeover is also high: thanks to the exclusive "glue switch" solution, it is in fact possible to change the color and type of glue just in time. This is due to the simultaneous presence of two glue pots that can be switched during the processing using the type and color of glue required by the work program. It is also possible to replace the glue pot or carry out maintenance work on it without ever having to stop the edgebander.
The new Stefani x guarantees the best gluing quality with any type of edge, even on the most delicate ones. The force of the first pressure roller can be automatically adjusted by the control system of the edgebander.
The new electronic units of the stefani x industrial edgebander are designed to meet two primary market objectives: ease of use, even for the most complex processing on delicate and trendy materials, thanks to the automatic and flexible set-up, and repeatability, quality and precision of the production processes, thanks to the electronic touch.