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Ostermann: edges for black surfaces and more

Trendy color in the world of furniture, black has returned forcefully to our everyday living environments: from upholstered furniture to kitchen accessories and furnishings, from bookcases to living room furniture.The dark or black surfaces give a refined effect to the environment and combine well with both white, to get the classic black and white, but also with other colors with very bright tones that are enhanced by the dark background. Thanks also to innovative LED lighting technologies and new materials, black surfaces catch the eye like in a movie set.There are many types of black. With black steel and dark concrete, state-of-the-art industrial style furniture is obtained. The opaque or super opaque black surfaces offer pleasant sensations as well as being easy to maintain thanks to new technologies that provide an anti-fingerprint function.Those who prefer the more natural variants can opt for the wood decorations in black.


Ostermann edges for black surfaces

To respond as quickly as possible to the needs of furniture manufacturers, Ostermann offers numerous solid black edges that, thanks to the different finishes and various gloss levels, adapt perfectly to the surfaces.In the wide range of Ostermann edges we highlight the edges with dark decorative surfaces such as the ABS “Monocrete“ edge with cement finish or the edges, also in ABS, “Raja Black“ and “Black marble“ that reflect the marble effect, nowadays current.For the production of individual small pieces, Ostermann supplies its ABS edges starting from a length of one meter in numerous widths and thicknesses. A wide selection of melamine edges in black completes the range.


Not just edges for black surfaces

Ostermann not only provides edges for making furniture with a black surface, but also offers Furniture Linoleum, RollMokutan, profiles, handles and handles. The entire range is available on the Ostermann online shop by entering the term “blackisback“ in the search field on the start page.As always the delivery of the items available in stock is very fast; items in stock ordered by 4pm will be delivered within 24 hours.

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