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Aquagum B/194 No Fog two-component spray adhesive: from Frabo research an innovative product

Drastically reduces dust dispersion into the air during spraying, eliminating product wastage
Category: Glues and adhesives
Publication date: 07/06/2021
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Ostermann PU Redocol hotmelt glues for high-quality products at favourable prices

The range now includes three new glues for the different gluing systems of edgebanders
Category: Glues and adhesives
Publication date: 15/01/2021
Company: Ostermann Italia Srl

Frabo adhesives and glues: high performance and low environmental impact

From Frabo research an innovative product: Aquagum No Fog
Category: Glues and adhesives
Publication date: 02/10/2019
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Adhesives for stuffed Aquagum of Frabo

Quality and respect for the environment
Category: Glues and adhesives
Publication date: 10/12/2015
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa
Ostermann Italia Srl
Ostermann Italia Srl
The Rudolf Ostermann GmbH a company with many years of experience selling wholesale produce for carpentry,...
Frabo Adesivi spa
Frabo Adesivi spa
FRABO ADHESIVES, born in 1957, for over 50 years produces adhesives and solvent-based adhesives and water...


PRESSION VOT is a polychloroprene-based spatula adhesive. The advantages of the product concern several...


RESPAN PLR AT is a polychloroprene spray adhesive with many advantages: excellent yield; high...

AQUAGUM® monocomponent

AQUAGUM® monocomponent is a water-based spray adhesive that is completely solvent-free. The product...

AQUAGUM® bi-component

AQUAGUM® bi-component is a blue or white water-based solvent-free spray adhesive, to be used with...


AQUAGUM® M/320-D is a one-component, water-based roller adhesive that is completely solvent-free. It...


PRESSION HM/180 is an acetovinyl adhesive particularly suitable for gluing profiles and friezes on wooden...

In this section you can find news on manufacturers of adhesives and adhesives for furniture. The products which make this category are manifold and are used on different surfaces: metals, laminates, different types of plastic materials, wood, felt, polyurethane foam, etc. There are several sectors in handling of these glues and adhesives for furniture such as the timber industry and the packaging industry.