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Aquagum B/194 No Fog two-component spray adhesive: from Frabo research an innovative product

FraboAdesivi, a company specialising in the production of water and solvent based adhesives for various sectors including upholstery, has recently developed an innovative product: Aquagum B/194 No Fog. It is a two-component spray adhesive specifically designed for gluing polyether and polyurethane foam/cold foam to themselves, to wood, fabrics, flaps, wadding and similar. The innovation lies in the fact that Aquagum No Fog drastically reduces the dispersion of dust in the air during spraying, eliminating product waste, odours in the working environment and increasing gluing precision.


Aquagum No Fog: optimum bonding quality

Aquagum No Fog is a water-based adhesive that is completely solvent-free. It is non-flammable and non-harmful. It keeps the working environment clean and guarantees excellent gluing quality.
It has excellent heat resistance, strong initial tack, good dry residue and excellent yield.
It is extremely easy to use: it should be applied, in combination with the specific hardener, using a special spray gun for water-based two-component adhesives or special pressure or pump spray systems for two-component adhesives.
Aquagum B/194 No Fog is available in 24 kg cans, 230 kg drums and 1100 kg tanks net weight.

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