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Schattdecor Decors: the Global Essential collection is online

Schattdecor launches its Decor Selection 2022 online with the motto "Global Essentials". It includes the ten top designs by Schattdecor, essential decors elements, in line with current trends and responding to today's needs for modern surfaces. Ten different decors that have already enjoyed considerable international success among customers and in the market. They range from award-winning best-sellers such as Flagstaff Oak to new developments, some of which are presented to the public for the first time at Sicam 2021. Global Essentials can be seen online at

Karlstad Oak, Valongo and Omega Oak: modern and versatile decors elements

Decor Selection 2022 is firmly positioned amidst current trends. Let's find out through an overview of the top ten best-sellers.

Karlstad oak, decor that represents a new rusticity, is a modern and sustainable design. Sustainable because it is durable and versatile, modern because it can furnish an entire room or single pieces of furniture without ever going out of style.

The Valongo decor transforms any room into something special: the bronze pigments that characterize it give it an extremely fashionable metallic effect. Even the typical slate structure, perfectly in line with the current trend, helps to make it very versatile.

Blockboard designs are now very much in vogue; their three-dimensional effect provides depth to the environment, creating a special atmosphere. The Omega Oak decor expands the perception of space, giving a relaxing effect to living and working spaces.


Awarded with the Interzum Award, the Flagstaff Oak decor transforms any home into your own home environment. The design is aimed at the general public and responds perfectly to the international trend still in vogue, which is the industrial style.

Cascade, on the other hand, is a decor “all-rounder”: perfect as a floor or furniture doors, on large surfaces or as a covering of internal parts, its multifaceted appearance is modern, natural and timeless. Combined with warm and earthy tones it is suitable for a modern and contemporary design.


California Elm, Magnolia and Gran Sasso: natural and bright decors

California Elm is characterized by a very natural shimmer so that it does not seem created by man's hand. Beauty is hidden in the details: this homogeneous design illuminates the living spaces while showing itself very natural. A captivating design thanks to a wide range of colors and a well-balanced color scheme. California Elm can also be colored with a pearlescent effect that makes it even more particular and able to respond to the trend of multi-colored effects.

The clear Scandinavian minimalism is typical of the Magnolia decor, suitable for large and small performances. Natural and multifaceted, it is, rightly, one of the top ten designs in the Global Essential collection. Magnolia is in fact appealing for its generous layout, large growth rings and its play of color.

The Gran Sasso decor also exudes a Scandinavian charm and creates a pleasant atmosphere both in the home and in the workplace. This chestnut with a homogeneous layout is already in great demand since Sicam 2021. It enhances a simple and minimalist interior design, a style that is always very trendy.


Delia and Liam Gold: decors with a 3D effect

The wavy structure of the Delia decor creates a very deep and elegant 3D effect. This type of design is highly regarded in the design of modern living spaces. The vertical siping creates a delicate and elegant surface.

The Liam Gold decor enhances the full potential of digital printing. The graphic structure makes the design lively and tangible. The effective shade of gold has a strong, almost sculptural impact. The 3D effect gives life to the entire graphic structure, the iridescent gold joints create a great three-dimensional effect, making it particularly suitable for domestic and non-domestic spaces.


In the photo, the Flagstaff Oak decor.