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New Schattdecor Decorations: unconventional solutions for trendy houses

Living and working in the big city is currently a big trend. It was the megatrend of urbanization at the centre of Schattdecor's stand at Sicam 2019 after it was presented in May at the interzum in Cologne.
The company presented Sicam with a number of innovative decorative surfaces to meet the new demands and trends of living: stone designs, graphic structures, modern wood reproductions, decorative fabric effects. He also presented multifunctional products such as the new Smartfoil Nature, which perfectly imitates nature, the new thermoplastic surface for furniture and interior design, Smartflex Nature and the Schattdecor overlay in digital print, perfect for any environment.

Delano Eiche: a well-defined structure with expressive splits and knots

Delano Eiche, or Delano Oak, with its large solid wood staves, is characterized by its well-defined structure and the presence of cracks and expressive knots. Light and dark areas imitate the natural shade of wood. The Delano Eiche decorative surface is distinguished by three large flamed structures arranged next to each other.

Kalahari: a stone design with great potential

Stone decors have long established themselves in the field of interior design and are therefore increasingly in demand in the furniture sector. To meet these requirements, Schattdecor proposed Kalahari, another stone design with considerable potential. The marble used as a starting material reveals large veins that divide the surface into different sections and a soft chromatic movement enhances the three-dimensional effect. The quartz veins help to give more depth to the surface, making the stone pleasant to the touch.

Pacific Cherry: the reproduction of an elegant cherry wood

Recently, the demand for softwoods has also spread and Schattdecor is responding with Pacific Cherry, a reproduction of an elegant cherry wood. The layout is characterized by a delicate combination of slats, small inclusions and knots. Very particular is the coloring of the gray produced in digital, also this one of great trend. The design is suitable for use in kitchen or bedroom furniture.

Amberwood: a historic tribute to the old warehouses of Gdansk

The Amberwood design is intended to be a historic tribute by Schattdecor to Gdansk Granary Island. This decoration was developed from the original foundation beams of the famous old warehouses in Gdansk, which date back to a period between the 13th and 16th centuries. The wood, due to heavy loads and extreme weather conditions, has changed over time: the growth rings have taken on a particular color, while the yellowish-green contrasts with shades of gray have determined an interesting optical effect. This design is suitable for classic and modern interiors.

Wool: the three-dimensional structure creates a pleasant optical effect

The decorative fabric effect, recently much appreciated internationally, can be used as a single-color surface, both in the interior of cabinets and in the surfaces of furniture to achieve a realistic effect. The three-dimensional structure of the decorative Lana creates a pleasant optical effect. The design is perfectly combined with other materials for the realization of domestic surfaces.

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