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Thanks to the trust placed in us by many manufacturers, our portal is now recognized both nationally and internationally. In fact, there are already many internationally recognized and established companies in the sector, including the AIPEF group (Italian Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes Companies) which promotes scientific information on the use of flexible polyurethane foam in the sectors in which it is used.

NikolaTesla hobs by Elica: a perfect combination of design, technology and functionality

Elica, with its innovative and non-conformist approach, has redefined the conventional image of vacuum systems in the kitchen and living area, transforming them into true design elements. Products with an elegant and refined design, yet incorporating cooking functions that enhance the everyday cooking experience and simplify life in the kitchen. 

The NikolaTesla range of hobs, designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Elica's Chief Design Officer, is designed to meet every need, style and architectural project. Each model is in fact conceived to adapt to specific cooking needs and preferences, guaranteeing a customised approach and excellent results.


NikolaTesla Unplugged: a professional aesthetic 

An aesthetic with a strong and professional character: this is the distinctive feature of the NikolaTesla Unplugged vacuum hob, achieved in part thanks to its analogue touch&feel knobs. These feature a texture specially designed to offer a perfect grip during use, ensuring fast and intuitive access to the various functions. 

The cooking and suction area is characterised by the linearity of the central glass flap that conceals the suction area. This can be activated with a simple gesture, only when necessary. NikolaTesla Unplugged, selected by the ADI Permanent Observatory and included in the Design Index 2023, is competing for the coveted Compasso d'Oro award.


NikolaTesla One HP: high suction performance 

The first in the line, the NikolaTesla One HP suction table expresses a confident language and marked lines, always combining high suction performance. An intuitive interface that is invisible when the product is switched off, a sophisticated design together with the most sophisticated technology ensure high performance. It is precisely this synthesis of design, functionality and innovation that has won it numerous design awards, including the most coveted ADI Compasso d'Oro. 


NikolaTesla Switch Glow: design and technology 

The ultimate expression of design and technology, the NikolaTesla Switch Glow hob, with its total black surface that blends in with the white lighting of the controls, is the ideal solution for modern, elegant and original kitchens. The control interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to 5 sliding touches, one for each of the 4 cooking zones and one for suction. The suction system is silent and automated, capturing odours and vapours before they rise to the top. 


NikolaTesla Libra: cooks, vacuums and weighs 

The NikolaTesla Libra suction hob (pictured) combines three appliances in one: it cooks, vacuums and weighs thanks to the integrated weighing scale, which is activated by simply placing the pan on the elegant cast-iron grill in the centre of the hob, during food preparation or when the product is switched off.


Innovative cooking functions 

NikolaTesla hobs have several extremely useful cooking functions to make life in the kitchen easier: for example Fast Boiling is able to bring water to the boil 30% faster than a conventional hob. For dishes that require patience and attention there is the Simmering function, which allows food to simmer for extended periods. 

NikolaTesla's Warming function is ideal for slow and delicate cooking: it keeps food at the right temperature to ensure that it is served piping hot. 

Melting is the perfect function for delicate cooking, melting butter or chocolate, while for a more dynamic atmosphere, Tasty Fry allows oil to reach the perfect temperature of 180° in half the time of a conventional hob.

Suction systems in the kitchen: Elica wins important international awards

The NikolaTesla Unplugged extractor hob, the Ikona Maxxi Pure hood and the LHOV system have been awarded for design, innovation and technology
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 03/02/2023
Company: Elica S.p.A

Falmec suction solutions awarded for technological innovation and refined and essential design

Shelf wins the Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2023, while Brera wins the Archiproducts Design Award
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 19/12/2022
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

Elements suction systems by Falmec: design freedom of composition and installation

Smart solutions with an exclusive design that revolutionize the concept of aspiration in the kitchen
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 01/09/2022
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

BORA X BO flexible oven: a combination of extractor, steamer and conventional oven

The novelty of the company wins the Plus X Award 2022 for innovation, high quality, design and comfort of use
Category: built-in ovens for the kitchen
Publication date: 11/08/2022

Hob, hood and oven in a single product: LHOV by Elica is born

Refined design and smart, efficient and functional solutions that, with the support of technology, improve the quality of life
Category: Hobs, built-in ovens for the kitchen, kitchen hoods
Publication date: 29/06/2022
Company: Elica S.p.A

Sustainability: from Elica innovative solutions for a conscious choice

The company has always been attentive to sustainable parameters and sensitive to the issue of environmental protection and well-being at home
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 13/04/2022
Company: Elica S.p.A

Bora hob extraction systems: now in Italy with its own sales network

Objective for 2021 to concentrate efforts on doubling distribution in Italy
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 19/02/2021

Elica among the top 5 companies in Italy for the high level of assistance offered to customers

The important award was certified by the German Institute for Quality and Finance
Category: Industry news
Publication date: 25/01/2021
Company: Elica S.p.A