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Elements suction systems by Falmec: design freedom of composition and installation
With the new Elements collection, Falmec modifies the concept of traditional suction in the kitchen, interpreting the suction system in an innovative way, which becomes part of a modular, multifunctional architecture that is totally integrated into the kitchen.

The exclusive Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall suction systems, which make up the collection, offer great creative and design freedom of composition, solutions designed to adapt to the multiple needs and types of installations in the kitchen: three new proposals that hide cutting-edge technologies all interior of elements perfectly integrated into the furnishing project.

With Elements, the traditional hood disappears and the suction becomes an integral part of the kitchen project.


Monolith: a multifunctional suction system

Placed on the worktop, the Monolith suction system is an element designed to meet the various needs in the kitchen. It consists of a 90 cm suction element and accessory container modules, which can be placed on the right or left, of 30, 60 or 90 cm, which allow a functional and personalized set-up. In this way, a comfortable equipped channel is available that can accommodate ladles, spices, knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils, as well as electrical sockets to make the kitchen extremely functional. The Monolith suction system opens slightly, to access the control of the suction and lighting functions and allow the extraction of fumes. Composed of an opaque black aluminum structure that houses a glossy glass front in the vertical part, Monolith is also equipped with ambient light, which gives a pleasant suspension effect and diffuses a pleasant line of light in the kitchen.


Shelf: a real suction shelf

Shelf, on the other hand, looks like a real suction shelf. Thanks to the exclusive Multi-Air technology, the suction body is extremely thin and incorporated into a shelf structure only 10 cm thick, equipped with a removable cover to increase the suction capacity of fumes.

This element with the function of a hood can be enriched with additional modules of 60 and 90 cm, which can be positioned to the right or left of the extractor body to configure different furnishing compositions, creating a hanging system that opens up new open design spaces.

The structure is made of black painted steel with a black satin aluminum profile that wraps the structure both frontally and laterally. In the lower part of the structure there is an integrated LED strip with dynamic light that illuminates the worktop along the entire length of the shelf. The Shelf suction system also includes additional accessories such as spice racks and other kitchen utensils to equip the wall.


Air Wall: suction in a vertical panel

Finally, the Air Wall suction system integrates the suction vertically into a backlit white tempered glass panel, transforming the back of the kitchen into a multifunctional surface that sucks in the fumes and at the same time illuminates the space with a pleasant ambient light. Suction takes place through a flap, which can be opened manually, which allows the extraction of fumes and access to control the functions of the hood. The motor, positioned in the base of the kitchen, has been designed to have limited dimensions and high efficiency.

Developed in collaboration with Magnetolab, an Umbrian company specializing in the production of innovative kitchen backrests, Air Wall is also equipped with a magnetic system that allows you to add functional accessories, also magnetic, such as tablet supports, spice racks and shelves, which can be positioned freely on the surface.

Air Wall is available in 3 versions: 120 cm with central suction, 150 cm with decentralized suction to the right or left to meet various needs in the kitchen.

In the photo the Air Wall suction system from the Elements collection.


Falmec suction solutions awarded for technological innovation and refined and essential design

Shelf wins the Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2023, while Brera wins the Archiproducts Design Award
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 19/12/2022
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

BORA X BO flexible oven: a combination of extractor, steamer and conventional oven

The novelty of the company wins the Plus X Award 2022 for innovation, high quality, design and comfort of use
Category: built-in ovens for the kitchen
Publication date: 11/08/2022

Hob, hood and oven in a single product: LHOV by Elica is born

Refined design and smart, efficient and functional solutions that, with the support of technology, improve the quality of life
Category: Hobs, built-in ovens for the kitchen, kitchen hoods
Publication date: 29/06/2022
Company: Elica S.p.A

Bora hob extraction systems: now in Italy with its own sales network

Objective for 2021 to concentrate efforts on doubling distribution in Italy
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 19/02/2021

Falmec Ceiling Hoods combine aesthetics and functionality at their best

Particularly suitable for open kitchen areas that integrate with the living space
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 29/04/2020
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

Two Falmec hoods in the foreground in the award-winning film Parasite

The kitchen hoods are part of the Design Collection, a synthesis of stylistic and functional perfection.
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 25/02/2020
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

The new NikolaTesla Switch induction suction floor by Elica

Induction and aspiration in a single product, synthesis of technology and design
Category: Hobs
Publication date: 08/06/2018
Company: Elica S.p.A

Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: 15/11/2017
Company: Falmec S.p.A.

Limited Edition: exclusive Faber range hoods top-of-the-line

Precious and refined for an exclusive kitchen
Category: kitchen hoods
Publication date: