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Ultra Violet is the trend colour 2018 and Ostermann has the equivalent edge

Every year the Pantone Color Institute, the US company that deals, among other things, with the classification of colours, elects the colour of the year. The trend colour of this year is, in the Pantone fan, the “18-3838 Ultra Violet“ or “Pantone 2096 C“, an intense shade of dark purple tending to blue that wants to symbolize creativity, nonconformity and experimentation.

Contemplative colour, Ultra Violet recalls the mysteries of the cosmos and the vast night sky. This shade is immediately chosen as a trendy colour in fashion, but also in furniture.

In order to respond effectively to current trends as usual, Ostermann makes suitable edges available to operators in the sector. The equivalent of Pantone Ultra Violet shades is the ABS edge 041.4870 Ostermann, Madras miniperl violet. This edge is also supplied starting from one meter in length within 24 hours.


Over 70 different shades of purple

In its wide range, Ostermann offers over 70 different ABS edges in many other tones of violet in different colour shades and with various finishes. The colour palette ranges from delicate lilac tones to the brightest ones of mauve and violet, up to dark purple or aubergine tones.

Ostermann, as a true edge specialist, is able to provide the largest range of edges in Europe delivering them from a meter in length in various thicknesses and in any width up to 100 mm. The company's availability is also expressed in the valid technical assistance and in the fulfilment of the requests for particular processing of the edges. The delivery service within 24 hours is also highly appreciated.

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