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Solid Surface: Hi-macs® presents the new Aurora range of colours

HI-Macs®, designed and manufactured by LG Hausys, LG Group's world leader in technology, is a Solid Surface material consisting of a mixture of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments.
This material is highly appreciated in architecture and interior design because it has a smooth, non-porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface that lends itself to endless applications on surfaces and coatings for facades, wall coverings, kitchen worktops, bathrooms and furniture surfaces.


Solid Surface HI-Macs®: the new Aurora shades

Hi-macs® enriches its range of proposals with the new Aurora colours, inspired by the natural beauty of the northern lights.
An evolution of the Marble collection, the new Aurora colours represent the union between an aesthetic inspired by natural textures and the advantages of the latest generation Solid Surface. Two of the new shades, Pavia and Aurora Cotton, have semi-translucent properties that allow designers to create lighting effects and highlight this pleasant phenomenon in their designs.


A palette of whites in various shades

Nine new shades are proposed for the Solid Surface Hi-Macs® material with different shades of white: Aurora Bianco, reflects the delicate beauty of natural marble with details inspired by aurora borealis; Pavia, a shade of immaculate white marble characterized by translucent properties. Backlit or simply illuminated, this shade gives the project a touch of particular elegance. Aurora Cotton is inspired by the softness of the cotton weave; this shade is also characterized by translucent properties that make it particularly suitable for kitchen worktops with light and warm tones. Another striking shade of bright white is Aurora Blanc: the delicate veins harmoniously blend in with different types of interiors.


Strong personality tones

The other shades of Solid Surface Hi-macs® are also very special: Aurora Grey, a grey finish with pearly shades, Aurora Torano, with a strong personality thanks to its thick and marked veins, Aurora Bisque, a natural colour with warm tones with cream and burnished veins.
An eye-catching shade with earth tones is Aurora Umber, perfect for giving character to projects where kitchen worktops are the protagonists. Finally Sanremo, whose colours recall the night sky of the Nordic regions: the light veins on a black base create a contrasting effect.

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