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Poliuretano E’: a new appointment to learn about the qualities of the material

New appointment with "Poliuretano è quality", the series that tells the many characteristics of flexible polyurethane foam, a versatile material with many qualities that are enhanced in the various sectors of application.

Created with the aim of making the intrinsic qualities of polyurethane foam known to designers and manufacturers who can thus fully exploit the many possibilities offered in terms of performance, the "Poliuretano-è quality" series publishes interesting insights on various themes, developed in collaboration interdisciplinary with important research centers, universities of primary importance and experts in the sector.

The correct practices for the maintenance of a mattress

This new issue addresses the correct practices for the maintenance of a flexible polyurethane foam mattress. The indications are provided by the Technical Commission of Aipef, Italian Flexible Polyurethane Companies.

The maintenance of the flexible polyurethane foam mattress is essential in order to obtain the best possible performance over the longest period of time. From this point of view, two fundamental moments in the life cycle of the mattress can be considered: the first immediately after purchase, the second relating to the years of its actual use.

To allow a balanced adjustment of the new mattress, during the first months of use it is advisable to turn it head / feet and up / down at least a couple of times a month.

For the following years it is advisable to ventilate the mattress, in particular leaving it uncovered and upside down. Furthermore, in the case of repositioning or moving, it is advisable not to roll it up or fold it for prolonged periods as the deformations that are generated could compromise its internal structure.


Poliuretano E’: an innovative project

Born in Italy 15 years ago by the will of some of the most important Italian companies in the flexible polyurethane foam production sector, Poliuretano E' represents an innovative and unique project of its kind.

Initially developed as a project aimed at improving the knowledge of flexible polyurethane foam among distribution operators, Poliuretano E 'has progressively expanded its range of action, involving in an increasingly intense way the companies that produce industrial products in polyurethane, from furniture to packaging.

Over the years, the manufacturing companies have also been joined by a series of internationally leading companies in the production of additives and raw materials related to the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

These are the leading companies in the sector that promote Poliuretano E': Cires, Norditalia Resine, Olmo, Orsa foam, Pelma, SIP Sud Italia Poliuretani.

Among the supporters we find these producers of raw materials and additives: Covestro, Evonik, BorsodChem Group, Dow, Huntsman, Repi, Shell.