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Furnishing Idea is the portal dedicated to the furniture and furnishing industry, designed to bring together different professionals such as architects, designers, carpenters, furniture makers and manufacturers active in the furniture market who represent the reference point in terms of innovation and quality of the product offered. On the other hand, the portal aims to provide a valid information service focused on products, projects, events and fairs and everything that revolves around the world of components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry.


The portal is divided into different sections where you can explore the different products according to different categories, get in touch with manufacturers, download catalogues to keep up with industry trends and watch videos of interviews with the best professionals and manufacturers.


In the articles section you can find all the information about the most innovative product technologies, such as furniture materials, furniture accessories and systems, furniture machinery, furniture hardware, manufactured by manufacturers with a solid experience in the field. In the companies section there is an overview of the manufacturers registered on our portal, divided by product category, where you can contact us for any request. Our portal also has a special catalogues section to allow professionals and operators in the sector to view in a practical way all the catalogues relating to the various products (furniture hardware, upholstery materials, furniture paints, etc.). In addition, to allow easy consultation of the products, our portal has reserved a product section, organized by categories, where you can find out about the technical characteristics, materials and functionality of each product. The video section, on the other hand, presents numerous video interviews given by professionals and manufacturers that report news, insights and informative content on the best technologies in the sector.


In addition, to keep you constantly informed you can also consult our Journal section which contains all the Furnishing Idea magazines dedicated to the furniture and furnishing industry, such as the edition dedicated to Sicam or Interzum, two of the most important trade fairs in the sector. The magazines can be consulted from the portal or easily downloadable in pdf format.


Thanks to the trust placed in us by many manufacturers, our portal is now recognized both nationally and internationally. In fact, there are already many internationally recognized and established companies in the sector, including the AIPEF group (Italian Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes Companies) which promotes scientific information on the use of flexible polyurethane foam in the sectors in which it is used.

Poliuretano E’: a new appointment to learn about the qualities of the material

New appointment with "Poliuretano è quality", the series that tells the many characteristics of flexible polyurethane foam, a versatile material with many qualities that are enhanced in the various sectors of application.

Created with the aim of making the intrinsic qualities of polyurethane foam known to designers and manufacturers who can thus fully exploit the many possibilities offered in terms of performance, the "Poliuretano-è quality" series publishes interesting insights on various themes, developed in collaboration interdisciplinary with important research centers, universities of primary importance and experts in the sector.

The correct practices for the maintenance of a mattress

This new issue addresses the correct practices for the maintenance of a flexible polyurethane foam mattress. The indications are provided by the Technical Commission of Aipef, Aziende Italiane Poliuretani Flessibili (Italian Flexible Polyurethane Companies).

The maintenance of the flexible polyurethane foam mattress is essential in order to obtain the best possible performance over the longest period of time. From this point of view, two fundamental moments in the life cycle of the mattress can be considered: the first immediately after purchase, the second relating to the years of its actual use.

To allow a balanced adjustment of the new mattress, during the first months of use it is advisable to turn it head / feet and up / down at least a couple of times a month.

For the following years it is advisable to ventilate the mattress, in particular leaving it uncovered and upside down. Furthermore, in the case of repositioning or moving, it is advisable not to roll it up or fold it for prolonged periods as the deformations that are generated could compromise its internal structure.


Poliuretano E’: an innovative project

Born in Italy 15 years ago by the will of some of the most important Italian companies in the flexible polyurethane foam production sector, Poliuretano E' represents an innovative and unique project of its kind.

Initially developed as a project aimed at improving the knowledge of flexible polyurethane foam among distribution operators, Poliuretano E 'has progressively expanded its range of action, involving in an increasingly intense way the companies that produce industrial products in polyurethane, from furniture to packaging.

Over the years, the manufacturing companies have also been joined by a series of internationally leading companies in the production of additives and raw materials related to the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

These are the leading companies in the sector that promote Poliuretano E': Cires, Norditalia Resine, Olmo, Orsa foam, Pelma, SIP Sud Italia Poliuretani.

Among the supporters we find these producers of raw materials and additives: Covestro, Evonik, BorsodChem Group, Dow, Huntsman, Repi, Shell.

Design Economy 2024: the value of design for the competitiveness of the national production system

Numbers and trends of Italian design and its role in economic, social and environmental transition
Category: Economy, News and Fairs
Publication date: 09/04/2024

Assopiuma at Milan Design Week 2024 with the Flying Softness event

A poetic tale of softness and comfort, staged at THE POOL Gallery within the 5VIE circuit
Category: Feather Padding
Publication date: 04/04/2024

Superdesign Show: 'Thinking different' is the theme of the 2024 edition

The event is a kaleidoscope of bold proposals, revisited traditions, virtual worlds, humanised technologies, respect for nature, regenerated materials
Category: Economy, News and Fairs
Publication date: 08/03/2024

Vefer flexible polyurethane foams at interzum 2023: broad acceptance from international markets

New-generation products and eco-friendly materials attracted keen interest from numerous visitors
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 12/06/2023
Company: Vefer SpA

FraboAdesivi water- and solvent-based adhesives: continuous innovation with respect for man and nature

Innovative, environmentally friendly technologies in response to the growing demand for sustainable products presented at interzum 2023
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 31/05/2023
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Natura® polyurethane foam from Pelma: the right combination of technology and natural elements

A medium/high density, highly resilient and viscoelastic polyurethane foam containing renewable raw materials based on vegetable oils
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 24/05/2023
Company: Pelma S.p.A.

Polyurethane raw materials: Aipef and Europur's analysis of the current market situation

The increase in the prices of raw materials and energy costs worries the sector
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam, Economy and marketing
Publication date: 06/05/2022
Company: Aipef

Expanded polyurethane: unusual creative and functional solutions proposed by Finemateria

At Edit Napoli 2021 two new projects are presented that show the strength of the material-experimental process
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 22/11/2021

Poliuretano è: waste takes on a new life at the WastEnders exhibition

At SuperStudio Più, in collaboration with Materially, many products made from recycled polyurethane are on show
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 06/09/2021


Double appointment at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the Triennale
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 13/05/2014
Company: Aipef, Orsa Foam, Pelma S.p.A., Olmo Giuseppe S.p.A.