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Kitchen mixer 40MM series by Rubinetterie Treemme in the new PVD finish

Rubinetterie Treemme, a company that has always invested in cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and production processes, has introduced the PVD finish applied to its lines of steel kitchen and bathroom mixers, such as the 40MM series, in three new and fascinating versions: gold, bronze and black.
PVD, an acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition, or physical vapour deposition, indicates the technology used for the deposition of thin metal films on different types of substrates.  It is a coating method that allows the use of innovative and brilliant colours, perfect for giving character and originality even to the most minimalist taps.
Not only that, the use of this technology testifies to the company's commitment to the environment and attention to the theme of eco-sustainability. This type of processing applied to steel, a naturally recyclable material, does not produce polluting elements and does not create chemical waste, thus resulting in a process with zero environmental impact.


Kitchen mixers: a perfect combination of design and functionality

Designed by the company's technical studio, the 40MM line of kitchen and bathroom mixers is characterised by a clean and elegant design, with minimalist shapes that make it versatile and adaptable to residential and contract environments. It is made of steel with a structure that measures precisely 40 mm in diameter. Gold, bronze and black in PVD finish are added to the wide stainless steel catalogue, special colours with a velvety effect perfect both for bathroom taps and kitchen sink mixers.
PVD technology also ensures high product quality and greater resistance to abrasion and daily wear and tear.

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