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Electromechanical opening system for Easys Compact refrigerators from Hettich: intelligent operation, invisible technology
Hettich has designed the Easys Compact electromechanical opening system, a system so robust and safe that it easily overcomes the resistance of the magnetic retaining mechanism of a refrigerator and allows the door to be opened with a slight pressure on the front. The mechanism requires the refrigerator door to open for a few seconds, thus allowing the user to open it completely with his hand. Particularly practical is the possibility of varying the door opening time to adapt it to your needs. The intelligent control prevents unintentional opening of the refrigerator.

Thanks to Easys Compact, the user perceives a feeling of comfort even if the opening activation system is imperceptible. Not only that, the kitchen as a whole reveals a refined aesthetic that reflects the contemporary trend of handle-less design, since the refrigerator, as well as all the other elements, does not require external opening accessories.


Perfect door opener for a handle-free design

This new solution was chosen by Carl-Heinrich Moning, a technician from SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co who integrated it into a Gaggenau refrigerator: "Easys Compact is the perfect door opener for a unique handle-free design in our kitchens. With the new system, we can combine our high design standards with significantly greater comfort for the user. " SieMatic introduces Easys Compact for the refrigerator, but the slim unit can also be used in most other coolers because Easys Compact is quick and easy to install.

For contactless opening with the Easys Compact electromechanical opening system, an intelligent voice command can also be used via the interface.

Technological solutions for the customization of kitchens

After the initial presentation of Easys Compact by the manufacturer SieMatic, Hettich plans to launch the new electromechanical opening system on the market in the first quarter of 2023. Easys Compact is part of the Hettich philosophy which is expressed in the wide range of useful technological solutions to the maximum customization of the layout of the kitchens, in response to the producers' need to characterize their products and express the concept of their brand in the best possible way.


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