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Appliances Siemens equipped with iSensoric

Technology with sensor system and intelligent software

The revolutionary technology with sensors system and intelligent software studied by Siemens and initially applied only to washing machines and driers, it now expands to refrigerators and dishwashers.
In these appliances, in fact, there is a net of sensors that collect precious information on temperature, weight or degree of soil. These data are transmitted then to the control unit, heart of the technology iSensoric, where they are analyzed and elaborate to automatically get the best results.
The refrigerator iSensoric, thanks to iSensoric technology, automatically adjusts the temperature to best. In fact the sensors iSensoric allow to regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator for an optimal maintenance of the food: to every internal or external variation  the sensors react starting the presser. With the regulation of the temperature there will be a best freshness and a good energy saving.
Through the sensors interaction, also the new iSensoric dishwashers are able to check the whole cycle of washing and drying and to automatically regulate the consumption and the temperature of the water, as well as the duration of the cycle. Besides the sensor of temperature, that checks the heat of the water, the sensor aquaSensor uses a bundle of light to collect information on the degree of soil of dishes.
The washing machines equipped with iSensoric guarantee a perfect care of the laundry: through the control unit, in fact, they are able to adapt the whole cycle of washing for the specific load, while the numerous innovative sensors recognize the clothes to wash and they assure an optimal drying.
They are gifted of the exclusive automatic dosing system i-Dos, an extremely intelligent product able to manage up to 20 complete washings completely independently.
In the iSensoric driers of Siemens, thanks to the many innovative sensors, the intelligent control unit is able to treat and to dry in optimal way every clothe for a perfect laundry.


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