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Elcam padding materials: innovative products for maximum comfort
Elcam, a company specialized in the production and transformation of padding materials, has been present on the market for more than fifty years and in all these years has been able to be appreciated by the leading companies in the industry worldwide for its innovative and high quality materials and for the use of technologically advanced machinery. The history of Elcam began in the 70's in Brianza, a center of great entrepreneurial ferment. The company has always set its production and processing on high quality standards, with a wide-ranging research on innovative materials that can best meet the needs of its customers. Among these we find products such as Solotex, SoloFlex, SoloSoff and Waterproof, the water-repellent fabric exclusively for Elcam.

Solotex©: an elastic, ventilated, flexible and soft material

Indeformability, anatomicity and voluminosity are the characteristics that distinguish Solotex©, an elastic, ventilated, flexible and soft material. A product of the latest generation, Solotex© is an elastic padding that, thanks to its shape memory, is able to give seats and backrests of upholstered furniture an excellent comfort, microclimate and lift. Solotex© guarantees performance of remarkable durability, elasticity, lightness and great breathability; moreover, being a product based on polyester fibers, it can be recycled.

Soloflex: an extremely versatile product

Elcam offers mixtures of different materials, both natural and synthetic. These blends are carefully studied to obtain padding with unique technical characteristics that guarantee personalized comfort according to the customer's needs. SoloFlex is a product with superior bearing capacity and durability. It is available in different composition percentages (Memory + Solotex) and in the BS 5852 fireproof version.  SoloFlex is extremely versatile: it can be used both for backrests and for seats and armrests.


SoloSoff: a microfiber that offers softness, suppleness and comfort

Among Elcam's innovative products there is also SoloSoff, a microfiber that, thanks to a fine denier and preformed, offers softness, fluffiness and comfort.  SoloSoff is able to achieve the same performance as feathers and down. It is available in the BS 5852 flame retardant version.


Waterproof®: the water-repellent fabric specifically for outdoor use

A water-repellent fabric exclusive to Elcam, Waterproof® is used specifically for outdoor production, a sector that is becoming increasingly important within the furniture industry.  It is a guaranteed, tested fabric, resistant to water and atmospheric agents in general, easy to maintain, of excellent quality and long-lasting. Its special processing makes Waterproof® a leader in the outdoor market, also giving it exclusive registered trademark status.

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