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Lectra: two innovative solutions for the furniture industry 4.0

The International Advanced Technology and Conference Center (IATC) in Lectra, Bordeaux-Cestas, France, hosted the event entitled “How to breathe new life into furniture production“, which was attended by over 50 guests and industry experts from 12 countries.
For the occasion, Lectra presented two innovative solutions for Industry 4.0: Furniture on Demand by Lectra and Versalis® 2019.
During the meeting, the experts highlighted how the acceleration of digital transformation and the adoption of the principles of Industry 4.0 have led furniture manufacturers to meet the demands of original products, optimally designed and manufactured, sold at the appropriate price and delivered in the shortest possible time.
It is Lectra's Industry Strategy 4.0 that provides furniture manufacturers with cutting-edge solutions to produce faster, at lower cost and with far more customization options than in previous years.


Furniture on Demand by Lectra: a complete solution

Furniture on Demand by Lectra is the range developed specifically for the furniture industry and complies with the principles of Industry 4.0. It is the first complete solution available on the market, from order processing to cutting, and consists of two packages: Made to Order and Made to Customize.
Using artificial intelligence, data, Industrial Internet of Things, and cloud technology, Furniture on Demand by Lectra enables you to manage and optimize small batches and produce custom orders.  After launching the Made to Order package a year ago, Lectra now offers the new Made to Customize package, which enhances its offering by introducing more automation and intelligence.
Made to Customize, available from September 2019, accelerates time-to-market by minimizing errors. With this process, companies wishing to extend their customization offering beyond fabric selection can combine the pattern, fabrics and components of the product directly from the end customer's order, which will automatically be transformed into a cutting order and transferred to the cutting room.


Versalis 2019: Lectra's innovative digital leather cutting solution

Versalis 2019, Lectra's latest generation digital leather cutting solution, is aimed at companies that produce upholstered leather furniture, improving productivity and making the entire production cycle more efficient.
The new API (Application Programming Interface) strengthens the integration between Versalis and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, allowing the direct transfer of work orders to the cutting line. Versalis 2019 also improves access to production data with a series of KPI (Key Performance Indicator). In fact, during the digitization and unloading phases of the skins, the use of augmented reality improves the comfort and performance of the operators, reducing waste to a minimum and avoiding sorting errors.


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