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Alpi wooden surfaces: the new collections under the banner of the combination of color and graphics
Once again Alpi participated in Sicam where it presented its new collections, new wooden surfaces developed in collaboration with Raw Edges and Piero Lissoni, which reinterpret the wooden material in the name of the combination of color and graphics.
The new Alpi Wavy Fir collection, designed by Raw Edges, focuses on the power of graphic signs, reinterpreting the naturalness of wood through a pattern, while the Alpi French Palette collection, designed by Piero Lissoni, is based on color.
Both collections are made of poplar wood coming from Italian agricultural cultivations, confirming Alpi's production approach oriented to the sustainability of wood resources; poplar, a certified raw material, is in fact considered the most ecological and renewable thanks to its speed of growth and ability to interact positively with the environment.
The company also presented ALPIready, the new exclusive ready-to-use pre-finished wood decorative surface. The result of Alpi's technological innovation and its extensive experience in the processing of raw materials, ALPIready enables the reduction of processing, coating and installation times.


French Palette: ultra-modern yet antique colors

A palette of subdued yet bold colors, ranging from evergreen shades to more sophisticated ones such as Teal Blue or Burgundy: the new French Palette collection of wooden surfaces, developed in collaboration with Piero Lissoni, focuses on the theme of color, which has always been a field of experimentation in continuous evolution. A chromatic path characterized by a great refinement thanks to Piero Lissoni's ability to select very precise and never predictable shades.
Inspired by French painting of the early 18th century, where shades were often delicate, light and luminous, the new French Palette collection reveals the high level of color research carried out for years by Alpi: each color is the result of a careful study during which Piero Lissoni, together with Alpi's technical department, has measured and calibrated every single shade to achieve the desired effect.
"The new colors designed for Alpi are very modern, but at the same time ancient - explained Piero Lissoni, Art Director of the company. - I treated the wood as if it were a fresco, we went from the painting of the Age of Enlightenment and the French iconography of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but first I stopped to look at the paintings of Veronese and Tiziano. They are hieratic colors and at the same time speak a great modernity."


Wavy Fir: natural wood with a particular graphic decoration

The Alpi Wavy Fir collection, signed by Raw-Edges, comes from the desire to express the feeling of natural wood through graphic patterns. The proposals are the result of the design philosophy of the two designers, under the banner of maximum creative freedom and the continuous search for new aesthetic dimensions. The two designers, inspired by the typical striped grain of fir and pine wood, decided to model them into soft curves, creating a special graphic decoration.
Apparently the Wavy Fir wood has a natural look, but, at a closer look, it is possible to perceive the undulating movement of the veins reworked in an unexpected way. The collection, available in two color variants, expresses Raw Edges' deep passion for wood and its multiple potentialities, which have always been central elements of their research.


ALPIready: the ready-to-use pre-finished wood decorative surface

Alpi's technological innovation has given rise to ALPIready, the exclusive ready-to-use pre-finished wood decorative surface. Two layers of Alpi veneer coated on the surface become ALPIready, a panel made entirely of wood, robust and flexible, ready for application on any surface.
Experience in the processing of raw materials has enabled the company to develop a coating that is capable of enhancing the naturalness and color of each decor, with the possibility of matching edges in the same wood species. ALPIready is made from wood sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly.
The ALPIready collection is available in 29 decors: from the classic woods of the Wood Collection, such as Noce Canaletto and Rovere, to the large tropical woods of the Legacy Collection. Alongside the natural woods, ALPIready also includes the proposals of the Designer Collection signed by international designers such as the new Wavy Fir woods designed by Raw Edges and the famous Alpi wood by the master Ettore Sottsass. Four finishes are available: Touch, Groove, Wax and Oil.

In the photo Alpi Wavy Fir, design Raw Edges, Ph. Federico Cedrone.