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The innovative material Wasbottle selected for ADI Design Index 2021
From the collaboration between Autogrill and Bencore comes Wasbottle, an innovative material that has been selected for ADI Design Index 2021, the selection of the best Italian design, in the category 'Research for Enterprise' as it respects the canons of circular economy. Conceived for interior design and architecture applications, Wasbottle is in fact a 100% recycled and recyclable panel, made using polyethylene flakes from the recycling of plastic containers, in particular those used for detergents, cleaners and food.


Sustainability and recycling

Autogrill, the first operator in the world in catering services for travellers, and Bencore, a company producing honeycomb panels, wanted to collaborate to create this innovative material, both aware that the transition towards sustainability also starts from these projects. The Autogrill group, which has always been attentive to sustainability, has undertaken for several years a path linked to the circular economy with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of its activities, thanks also to the ethics of reuse and waste reduction.

The recycling of waste materials, produced inside its premises, represents one of the fundamental points of the Wasbottle project: Bencore has realized an innovative material starting from plastic bottles containing soap and other cleaning liquids (HDPE and PET) commonly used in Autogrill premises. The Wasbottle panels offer today to architects and designers innovative and very up-to-date ideas to use in their works a product with these very high characteristics of sustainability.


Awarded the commitment in the research of innovative materials

Also for Bencore sustainability is one of the cornerstones of its activity and production: the honeycomb panels of the company from Carrara are produced with awareness and attention to the environment and have a green soul that makes them particularly suitable for those architectural and interior design projects that require high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

"We are very happy that Wasbottle has obtained this prestigious recognition from ADI. - said Giorgio Bianchini, CEO of Bencore - It's a confirmation that the great commitment that our company is putting in the research and development of innovative and really green materials is well spent. The collaboration with Autogrill has certainly represented a great design challenge that we have accepted with enthusiasm and that has brought us even closer to the primary objective we have set for our products, that of zero environmental impact".