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The composite woods of the Alpi Legacy collection give new life to
Study of the material, attention to the environment and constant dialogue with the designers are the cornerstones on which the philosophy of Alpi is based, a company that offers new decorative surfaces in composite wood capable of enhancing the natural identity of wood. These elements find their maximum expression in the Legacy Collection, curated by the company's art director, Piero Lissoni, presented during the Fuorisalone in the Alpi showroom in via Solferino and at the Salone del Mobile 2022, within the S.Project section.


Legacy Collection: the reproduction of noble woods

Legacy is a collection that draws inspiration from a selection of "lost" essences, scarcely available or whose use is even forbidden, such as Ebony, Honduras Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood. A unique and sustainable collection with which Alpi aims to make available ecological woods such as those that are no longer available in nature.

In fact, the Legacy collection reproduces noble woods, traditionally used in prestigious European furniture starting from the 1700s and then protagonists of Art Deco furniture and modern design. These woods are still today a source of inspiration for designers and planners, characterized by intense shades that give character and sophistication to the spaces in which they are placed.


Ecological surfaces for new expressive possibilities

The collection is the result of in-depth research carried out by Piero Lissoni, together with the company's R&D department, to obtain composite woods characterized by veins and colors even more faithful to those of the original woods.

“Imagine in 2022 the possibility of using teak, mahogany, ebony, rosewood, lost woods and sacrosanctly to be protected, using them in a different way”. - explains Piero Lissoni - “I can't imagine a future of design without these noble materials, but of course they have to be interpreted and done in another way. We are using products that come from tradition and we are moving them into what could become modernity in the future ”.

With the Legacy Collection Alpi wants to give new life to these woods, offering ecological surfaces that allow new expressive possibilities and expand the range of applications of these precious woods.


Sustainable products with high quality aesthetic characteristics

Sustainability has always been one of the central themes of Alpi production. FSC® certification (FSC-C004666) guarantees the origin from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The desire to reproduce protected and no longer usable woods also confirms the attention of a company that actively contributes to environmental protection and at the same time offers the world of design a sustainable product with high quality aesthetic characteristics.

In the photo the Alpi Legacy Collection, curated by Piero Lissoni (Ph. Federico Cedrone)