Magic2 by Terno Scorrevoli: the new invisible system for sliding doors

A patented extremely smooth, practical and silent system

Magic2 by Terno Scorrevoli: the new invisible system for sliding doors

Terno Scorrevoli is a company that for over 60 years has been designing and manufacturing sliding systems for furniture and doors, innovative solutions that have led it to become a leader in the sector.

A novelty proposed by Terno Scorrevoli is the Magic2 system that incorporates new patented shock absorbers, for a braking of over 50 mm, 20 mm more than the damper of the previous model Magic.

The new Magic 2 retainers have been designed to be independent of the spacer and have an adjustable position. The spacer wheels are positioned at the end of the door thus protecting it from contact with the wall.

The new patented Magic2 sliding door system incorporates the following adjustments: the regulation of the door height from the floor, the micrometric adjustment of the door distance from the wall and the micrometric adjustment of the door parallel to the wall. The distance regulations and parallelism of the door are used to compensate for any irregularities in the wall. An important element is that all adjustments are made from the top of the slide, without having to unhook the door.

The anti-release system is extremely practical: the Magic2 sliding system includes two new anti-release rotating elements where two safety levers are inserted to rotate them without using tools. The safety levers, clearly visible, make the use of anti-release systems mandatory. Once rotated, the safety levers must be removed in order to insert the caps.

To further improve the sliding, the Magic2 system integrates a lower guide reinforced in zamak, very resistant that runs in an extremely silent plastic profile.


The patented lower wheels for better smoothness

The new Magic2 system's lower wheels have patented springs and have been designed with oversized steel diameters, bearings and pins. The rubber coating has also been doubled to increase the strength and smoothness of the wheels.

In the lower sliding system, two increased fixed springs have been inserted which allow the movement of the door to be amortized up to a capacity of 40 kg. Over 40 kg and up to a maximum of 80 kg, these new wheels flex more and the surface, made of zamak, rests on an internal rubber cylinder that acts as an additional shock absorber ensuring greater stability.

The rubber of Magic and Magic2 wheels is highly performing: it leaves no trace on sliding surfaces such as floors and walls and doesn’t deform over time.

The upper rail can be embedded in a blind milling. In this way it is possible to further improve the aesthetics of the door as the track caps will not be visible laterally. Furthermore, both the installation and the regulation of the door doesn’t vary because the adjustments are made on the upper side of the door.


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