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Furnishing Idea is the portal dedicated to the furniture and furnishing industry, designed to bring together different professionals such as architects, designers, carpenters, furniture makers and manufacturers active in the furniture market who represent the reference point in terms of innovation and quality of the product offered. On the other hand, the portal aims to provide a valid information service focused on products, projects, events and fairs and everything that revolves around the world of components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry.


The portal is divided into different sections where you can explore the different products according to different categories, get in touch with manufacturers, download catalogues to keep up with industry trends and watch videos of interviews with the best professionals and manufacturers.


In the articles section you can find all the information about the most innovative product technologies, such as furniture materials, furniture accessories and systems, furniture machinery, furniture hardware, manufactured by manufacturers with a solid experience in the field. In the companies section there is an overview of the manufacturers registered on our portal, divided by product category, where you can contact us for any request. Our portal also has a special catalogues section to allow professionals and operators in the sector to view in a practical way all the catalogues relating to the various products (furniture hardware, upholstery materials, furniture paints, etc.). In addition, to allow easy consultation of the products, our portal has reserved a product section, organized by categories, where you can find out about the technical characteristics, materials and functionality of each product. The video section, on the other hand, presents numerous video interviews given by professionals and manufacturers that report news, insights and informative content on the best technologies in the sector.


In addition, to keep you constantly informed you can also consult our Journal section which contains all the Furnishing Idea magazines dedicated to the furniture and furnishing industry, such as the edition dedicated to Sicam or Interzum, two of the most important trade fairs in the sector. The magazines can be consulted from the portal or easily downloadable in pdf format.


Thanks to the trust placed in us by many manufacturers, our portal is now recognized both nationally and internationally. In fact, there are already many internationally recognized and established companies in the sector, including the AIPEF group (Italian Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes Companies) which promotes scientific information on the use of flexible polyurethane foam in the sectors in which it is used.

Raukantex functional edges from Rehau: edgebanding solutions with added value

For over 50 years, Raukantex edgebanding solutions stands for REHAU's constant innovation in terms of materials, processing technology, aesthetics, and functionality. Capable of satisfying the needs of large and small furniture manufacturers alike, the 'Made in Germany' quality solutions of the Rehau Furniture Solutions division always offer big and small furniture manufacturers the perfect design match with the colours and decors of the most renowned panel manufacturers and meet specific functional aspects and requirements, creating a new generation of added value edgebands


Raukantex functional edgebands: the added value of Rehau expertise 

Always focusing on the component quality and the processing flexibility, the REHAU Furniture Solutions division passionately pursues the continuous development of edgebands which simplify and improve lives, faithfully reflecting the company motto "Engineering progress. Enhancing lives”. Among the most recent innovations are functional edgebands such as Raukantex scratch.protect, Raukantex folding, Raukantex fire.protect, and Raukantex health.protect.


Raukantex scratch.protect: matt appearance, ultra-fine structure 

Raukantex scratch.protect matt-looking edging solutions with their ultra-fine structure, anti-fingerprint and soft-touch effect are extremely durable. These edgings provide for an easier and more stable processing phase by eliminating the problem of 'smoothing' due to Tasters on the edge surface and the need for protective films.

Bordi Raukantex_scratch.protect.webp


Raukantex folding: maximum customisation 

Raukantex folding edgings are designed to respond to the trend for harmonious fronts and maximum customisation for ultra-modern interior design: the polypropylene edging, which can take on different conformations during soft-forming or corner edging, can be used to create special fronts, e.g. without handles, without the risk of bleaching or cracks in the paint. It also offers considerable possibilities due to its filigree side panel construction. This results in long-lasting, extremely durable and easy-to-clean components. Finally, the folding process, without prior edge engraving, is already state-of-the-art in the door sector.

Bordi RAUKANTEX folding.webp


Raukantex fire.protect: self-extinguishing solutions 

Raukantex fire.protect edgings, made with halogen-free flame retardants, are self-extinguishing solutions for wall coverings and furniture that meet the most demanding European fire protection directives, crucial in both the building and transport sectors. All this without setting design limits: thanks to the innovative composite test for edge, panel and glue, in fact, it is possible to opt for numerous colour variants and decors, retaining freedom of design choice even with high thicknesses.

Bordi RAUKANTEX_fire.protect.webp


Raukantex health.protect: edgings with antiviral action 

Raukantex health.protect anti-viral edges prevent surface contamination in both household and hospital applications. Thanks to specially coordinated formulations and coatings offering superior protection against specific viruses, the effectiveness of these solutions is ISO 21702 compliant. The edgebands in the health.protect range are compatible with all surfaces currently on the market and are available in zero-joint effect technology version, which avoid the accumulation of dirt and deposits thanks to the seamless combination between edge and panel. 


Services: from experts for experts 

Like all Raukantex edgings, the functional solutions are available within a few working days, starting from a minimum quantity of 1 m, in market standard dimensions or in the desired width. This service, made possible by the recent optimisation of the production and logistical capacity of the Visbek site, a reference point for the European market, is complemented by the practical online search tool, available at interior.rehau.com, which allows professionals in the furniture industry to find the perfect match between edging and panel. For a more confident choice, furniture manufacturers, joiners and interior designers can also make use of the sample service, receiving up to ten samples free of charge. 

The Rehau Furniture Solutions division will keep on innovating the RAUKANTEX edgebands range with new features and cutting-edge materials, perpetuating its progress, anticipating the needs of the furniture industry.




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